Advice on replacing components on my supergun

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  1. I don't currently have the space for a full cabinet, but I've been itching to play TGM. So I got the PCB and a supergun to play it with, but I'd like to replace the components on it.

    Here are pictures to help make sense of my questions.

    I bought Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons to replace the current ones. The current ones feel a little gummy and occasionally they double-tap when I don't mean to. When I tried to remove the current ones, I found they have a threaded plastic collar that holds them in place and I cannot get the collars to budge. I tried with a channel lock wrench and only really managed to put some scratches on the collars. Any advice on removing the buttons?

    Also, I got a Sanwa JLF stick to replace the existing one (I plan on replacing both of them but wanted to go one at a time). There's nothing all that wrong with the existing stick, though if I continue to use it, I'll need to do something about the clover shaped restrictor plate it has. The problem is that the current stick is attached with 4 screws in a 2-inch square, but the plate on the Sanwa JLF has the holes spaced in a 1.5-inch by 3-inch rectangle. Do I need to drill holes into the supergun case or can I get a new plate that matches the case?
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    If you don't mind destroying the buttons in the process of removing them, you can just cut through the plastic nuts to get them out.

    The shaft for a JLF is longer than that of an LS-32, because a JLF is meant to be mounted recessed under the panel. There are two options for this. One option is to harvest the shaft from a Hori Fighting Stick (they're all the same), and cut down the JLF actuator to the same size as the Hori actuator. Then put the JLF together using the parts from your JLF, the shortened JLF actuator, and the Hori shaft. Then the shaft will be at the correct height from the panel when mounted flush like the LS-32. The other option is to buy a JLF "S-plate", and mount it upside down to the panel like this:


    The downside to that is that you'll have to drill new screw holes for the upside-down S-plate.

    Also, I'd recommend playing on a CRT TV instead of that LCD TV. The lag will severely impair your ability to play fast.
  3. I was hoping not to destroy the buttons that I are in there right now, but I may just have to do that. I suppose that's as good an excuse of any to buy a Dremel.

    I did not realize that about the shaft length on the JLF, so that is definitely good information. I was also considering trying to get a plate custom fabricated to fit, and now I realize it would need to be similar to the S-Plate. But I have no idea where to start with custom fabrication.
  4. I just found this plate. It says that it's a Japanese standard, and I got my supergun from Japan. Do you think that would work?
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    Oh, that looks handy. Looks like the Kowal S-plate has the right holes for the Seimitsu screw mounts on the Pana CP, as well as the right holes for the flat plate you got with your JLF.
  6. Thanks! I went ahead and ordered two since I'll need one for when I replace the other stick.
  7. Did you manage to install the new stick and buttons? i'm also thinking of replacing them on my supergun.
  8. Yes, I ended up using a Dremel to cut the plastic nuts off the buttons. After that, the button installation was pretty easy. The Kowal S-plate was the perfect thing for installing the new sticks - with it, I didn't have to drill any holes. The new buttons and sticks feel so much better than the old ones.
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