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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Qaz, 8 Dec 2008.

  1. Qaz

    Qaz Unregistered

    the Ti machine has new sticks i dont know what kind but they are smaller and kick fucking ass
  2. sanwa, my friend, and I agree wholeheartedly
  3. Yes. You may thank Bill later. In the meantime, just enjoy. [​IMG]
  4. Welcome to the board Qaz!

    It's nice to see that Acme gave Ti some worthy sticks. [​IMG] Thanks Bill! Someone should take a picture of the improved cabinet next time they're there. One step closer to perfection... Next step is the removal to the macarena-emiting photo booth beside it. [​IMG]
  5. Awesome Bill is awesome.

    I'm happy to hear that the Sanwa JLF's are in place, all 4way'd up too I hope.
  6. Qaz...are you someone I have met? If not...we gotta meet up this weekend or I will be very very angry. The community needs to expand! Expand! More tetris! Yeah! Acme Bowl!
  7. When are people thinking about meeting up this weekend? Saturday night is out for me. Earlier in the day would be better.
  8. Qaz

    Qaz Unregistered

    ya im pretty sure we met... i play pop n music also..and like i was there when toda was there and you guys were like filling me in with all the info

    im stoked that this is a legit tetris forum!! THANKS

    now then,

    lets play Ti!!!!!
  9. Ah! OK I totally know who you are, never mind. Yeah, I'm probably going to hit Acme this Friday or afternoon on Saturday, depends on if I recover from this killer cold.
  10. .. as opposed to all those faux Tetris forums out there?

  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I am really jealous that yo guys have a real meeting point with a TI machine..
    Bah ! I will play with jago later (and free !! [​IMG] )..If he comes back in Strasbourg.. [​IMG]

    by the way, how much is one credit of TI ?
    1 dollar ? 50c ?
  12. You know Jago sold his Ti to muf, right?

  13. Well, I visited Acme briefly on Sunday. The new sticks were beautiful! I'm kind of rusty, though, and wasn't warmed up, so I could have done better, but I could instantly see how much more precise they were. Thankfully, the annoying photo booth was moved as well, and was replaced by Blazblue, which was also fun. We need to arrange a mass meeting now that we have the new sticks!
  14. Same difference.
  15. Actually I did notice a bit of a difference because the necks on JLW's are about half as long, so the ball's a lot closer to the surface of the board. It requires a slightly different grip.
  16. Muf


    Are you sure that doesn't have anything to do with the thick wooden board that the control panel on that godawful cab is made out of? I can imagine the stick would be a lot longer if the only thing in the way was a thin metal plate like on a candy cabinet.
  17. Isn't the shorter shaft supposed to account for the thinness of a metal control panel?

    EDIT: Whoops, sniped.
  18. Oh yeah, that would be it. I was comparing it to my HRAP's JLF.
  19. New Sanwa button and Seimitsu Bubble Top installation is confirmed for tomorrow during the day. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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