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  1. Placing the I above the top in TGMA will result in a Game Over, identical to the behavior in TDS. (One difference is that in TGMA lines 21 & 22 are visible though slightly obstructed by the border frame.)

    Not sure on TGM3 since that rarely happens outside of the player doing it on purpose.
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    Can we have some TGM/Arika extended twists in wiki? This would help me and the others to understand more. And I still don't get how exactly wall-kick works, especially when you have those charts with the +1 and all that [​IMG]


    xxxx [][]     xxxx
    xx []    -> xx[][][]
    xxxxx[]xoxxxx   xxxxxx[]xoxxxx
    Turn Right
    xxxx [][]     xxxx
    xx []    -> xx [][][]
    xxxxx[]x xxxx   xxxxxx x[]xxxx
    Does not work
    I hope the above is correct too, lol.
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    it is correct.

    edit :

    the_TOOL internal core use the ARS from TGM1 (= TAP)

    create a playfield, and test your needs...
  4. The Section Time medal is one of the things that make TGM2 funnier to play than TGM1. I sometime play just to beat my own gold medal, over and over.

    Since that is possible to do no matter how good or bad you are at Tetris. Beating youself is knowing youself. Then you start hating yourself.
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    How do i remove the thread from the main page :"Getting 4 grades on TI semi M ROLL" ? :V
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    I hope you're not planning on bumping threads until it disappears from the front page? lol ^^

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