Strategy: 4U :) "T-Crisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo Remix" - Release Candidate - Open-Source Cross-Platform!

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  1. Hi,

    Our development team is preparing to release an update to our popular Tetris game: "T-Crisis"...
    It's almost 100% finished, but it needs full testing by wonderful people like you!

    You can grab the current stable version at below URL download link:

    Game runs on both Microsoft Windows or any Linux desktop or notebook.
    Please play the game thoroughly and let us know here of any issues or suggestions.

    With the exception of LAN/Internet play, this Tetris game has just about everything a fan could want.
    We hope you enjoy our Tetris project!
    Happy Holidays!


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  2. Hi,

    Much of work went into Beta2.
    We hope people can help test it.

    You can grab Beta2 below:

    Download has pre-built EXE executable for Windows and a makefile for Linux.

    ***NOTE: Saved options and high scores will reset UNTIL: “Release Candidate”!!!

    Beta2 Change List:

    - Lowered default high scores.
    (in some modes the higher scores were impossible to beat)

    - Added “on-the-fly” average lines/game display to A.I. testing screen.
    ([Shift]+[T] to activate on 16BitSoft screen)

    - Changed game window title to: “T-Crisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo Remix”.
    (LOL - is the name long enough:)

    - Modified staff screen texts a little and added Palm T-Crisis images/review.
    (hope we did not forget anyone!)

    - Optimized the staff screen.
    (game runs 60FPS on an 11 year old 1.2GHz thin client)

    - Fixed total completed lines counter in A.I. testing screen.
    (game currently does about 100,000 completed lines per game)

    - Optimized and Added F.P.S. to A.I. testing screen.
    (pressing [T] key during test will toggle playfield display on/off)

    - Introduced “Story+Mode” game mode.
    (will feature story images from a paid graphic artist and a completely new music soundtrack!)

    - Optimized [Options] configuration screen.
    (thanks to “fogobogo” for spotting above on his RPi4!)

    - Added “Danger!” voice to “Story+Mode” game mode.
    (it’s my voice - could not afford a voice actor)

    - Fixed an infrequent crash when game is over and a new high score is acheived.
    (was new high score name setting to NULL then trying to be displayed on screen: title/high scores)

    - Implemented keep aspect ration for windowed and full screen mode.
    (special thanks to “slvn_” for their help with above!)

    - Fixed in-game mouse control.
    (mouse input when playing is not ideal, but it’s there as an option)
  3. Hi,

    You can grab Beta3 below:

    Download has pre-built EXE executable for Windows and a makefile for Linux.

    ***NOTE: Saved options and high scores will reset UNTIL: “Release Candidate”!!!

    Beta3 Change List:

    - Fixed "Story+Mode" clearing of playfield after playing for shortwhile.
    (should only happen in "Crisis+Mode")

    - Created "Story+Mode" game mode storyboard image display system.
    (black and white sketches are temporary until artist finishes the work)

    - Implemented display "Volume OFF" for music track/mode when music volume is set to OFF.
    (not sure why you would mute the music - it rocks!)

    - Implemented level up system in "Story+Mode".
    (requires more line clears after each level)

    - Fixed "Original Mode" ending at level 10, it's now never-ending.
    (try some of the other game modes for more fun!)

    - Fixed full screen desktop screen curruption.

    - Implemented "hats" for joysticks.

    - Fixed window resize(larger/maximize) screen corruption at top-left.

    - Implemented first draft of animated intro and ending scenes in "Story+Mode".
  4. Hi JeZxLee ! I've played your tetris games and they are very nice. I really like the music and the graphics. So far I have played the first TetriCrisis in the series, TetriCrisis 100%. As well as TetriCrisis 3 100%, TetriCrisis 3 100% C.P.U., TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo, and even TetriCrisis V "Firefox" 110% A.I.. However, I tried to play TetriCrisis 2 100%, which I got a copy of from here , but when I press the .exe, nothing appears. I am on Windows 10. Do you have a working copy of TetriCrisis 2? Also, do you still have TetriStory 2 100% A.I as well as your very first tetris game Tetrix+Story 100%? I couldn't find a working download of those games because your previous website is down and it was where all those games were hosted. If you could send me a copy of those 3 games I would be so happy.

    I am surprised to see that you are still here developing games. I hope this message reaches you and I hope you keep continue to make great games!

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