3D Tetris BlockOut from 1989 now online with sql scoreboard

Thread in 'Other games' started by MagI, 5 Sep 2020.

  1. Hi.
    I played a 3D Tetris called BlockOut 1989-1991 and then 2019 I found it again.
    It can be played with original source code in a browser with a DOS emulator.
    Just Google: blockout online
    and you will find some to try.
    But you can only save score in cookies of browser.
    So I then found BlockOut2 that you can download and after game you can save score to a server and be ranked with gamers from all over the world.
    But I do not want to download anything to play BlockOut.
    So I found a GitHub code of a BlockOut version and now I and friends have been able
    to make it save score to a server.
    So our version is in JavaScripts, PHP and HTML5 and it just run in your browser
    and after game score is saved on global server and in your browser.


    What do you think of it?

  2. Can someone please try it and say what you think about it?

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