Tournament: 30 year anniversary online tournament...6-6-14

Thread in 'Competition' started by DavidV, 7 Jun 2014.

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  2. Aw damn, wish I could have made this!
  3. Hey alex..just saw this...we only played for about an hour....but yeah I think we should get some more of these mini competitions going.....
  4. You guys always do these when I am at work :( I work 3pm to 11 pm central time. If anyone stays up late, I usually play a bit when I get home. Or weekends would be good, too.
  5. ditto! i wanna do more of this stuff. i tried to log in and participate but no one was there.

    who ended up playing?
  6. There is a tried and true format for playing these casual, but meaningful, competitions: play six games, total the score of the top three games, highest total wins.

    There is another version of it in which you play for a set amount of time (like fifteen or thirty minutes) and you total the highest three scores for that session. This version is generally used for Level 19 game play, which, of course, implies that the player needs more than six tries to get "good games," which further implies that one needs some sort of handicap to play effectively on 19. I would like to propose that this notion be thrown out the window. I think a Level 19 competition should be treated the same way as a Level 18 competition. Best three out of six games. You get six tries. And that's it. Just like the big kids do when they play Level 18.

    My ideal competition would feature similar rules, although I think six might be a bit much. Five or four would suit me better. More importantly, however, I would like a "knock-out" feature to be included. Winner is determined by the player with the best two or three games, but a max-out is always a win. It's a K.O!

    This promotes two things: for Level 18 games, it pushes the player for max-outs (which are exciting!); for Level 19 it pushes for max-out caliber play and promotes confidence within the players.

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