2nd Western TGM3: Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights, CA

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  1. I went again and spent the whole day playing Ti. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Ti is now in a Megalo cab (one of these):

    The reason this is bad is because this cab has a widescreen monitor, and so the game graphics are stretched to fit the screen. Though it looks funny, it's not so bad and you get used to it after playing a handful of times.

    However, the good news is that now the game is just 25 cents instead of 50 cents!! Just a quarter to play Ti, a complete steal. The sad thing is though that they probably lowered it to 25 because hardly anybody plays it. I hope people start playing it, or it may be removed in the near future.

    I'll post some pics soon.
  2. Ew, 4:3 on a 16:9.

    Are the sticks 4-way and all?
  3. oh yes, they definitely are 4 way. I know the stretched graphics are funny, but honestly, you get used to it pretty quick. And once you do, you have Ti with japanese controls for 25 goddamn cents (about 1/4 what it costs in most Japanese arcades). I'll take that any day!!
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    it's back in the old cab, yay!
  5. I'm down in LA for the week visiting my grandparents so I managed to make a trip to AI today. Pics commence.

    I don't recognize this kind of cabinet. It had some sort of scrolling LED display in place of a normal marquee. Regardless, the screen was beautiful and the controls were in perfect condition.

    Two games, two m3's.

    Classic Master ST's. All mine!

    Apparently people do prefer World down here. It's a shame.

    World Master ST's.

    New Shirase record for me!

    Classic Shirase ST's.

    Proof that you can actually get section REGRET's in Shirase!

    Well, Los Angeles County, I really don't know what to say. I'm very disappointed in these World Shirase section times.

    Classic Sakura.

    World Sakura.

    I managed to get in a pretty bad game of Classic Easy.

    And to round it out, I took these names on the World Easy record screen. Seattle-Tacoma TGM represent! B)
  6. [​IMG]

    I mean no disrespect to the players, but I couldn't help but LOL at this picture. I'd expect at least S5... Come on guys... You can do it...

    Also a friend tells me AI may soon be no more. :( Let's hope this rumour is unfounded.
  7. Yeah, I cracked up when I saw that ranking page, too.
  8. TWF, you should have played some World Shirase and beaten those scores. It wouldn't be that hard.
  9. In hindsight it would have been cool, but my distaste for world was too great at the time.
  10. Ai


    Nice coverage TWF and good job. ^^

    On the Sakura leaderboard when it says 100% clear is that the same as the ALL (including extra stages) displayed during play?
  11. I believe it's not. ALL is more than 15 stages anyway. IIRC, Clear is the percentage of levels that you successfully completed. You can either fail a stage's time limit or skip out of it, and that would cause your percentage to drop. Additionally, you could have 100% clear and then not get the EX stages.
  12. Ai


    Totally missed the number of stages played shown on the leaderboard. ALL is the 20 regular stages plus 7 EX stages. ^^;
  13. TGM3 is gone from AI. Sad. Replaced by Monkey Ball. I went down there yesterday to confirm this.
  14. The owner told me that the motherboard broke (or something like that) and that it will be back soon.

    Monkey Ball did not replace it, where'd you get that idea? Monkey Ball just happens to be a new game that they attained (it's not even in the same place that Ti used to be).

    BTW, what were you doing in LA Kevin????
  15. Bah, someone told me that! What a fool I was to believe people!

    Anyway yeah I was in LA during my California college tour thing I have been doing for the last two weeks. Mostly in Norcal but I had a couple of days in LA. I would have loved to have met up with you but I honestly had a hard time even cramming in my trip over to AI.
  16. i checked it today too and its still down sadly.
  17. SWR


    Terror Instinct is back at AI of Rowland heights. All the scores and user accounts are still there too, so no worries to anyone.
    Got S7 on master and S4 on Shirase today. Feels good man. ^^
  18. That's great to hear! Nice to know it's back in working condition.
  19. awesome! i can't wait to go back! i was about to call them tomorrow to ask, but you saved me the trouble!
  20. Would someone who lives in the area mind taking a full set of pictures of every records screen? I would appreciate that!

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