2nd Western TGM3: Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights, CA

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Kitaru, 1 Jun 2009.

  1. km2

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  2. mat


    wow. awesome.
  3. K


    long time i didn't visited shoryuken but awesome logo idea

  4. Congratulations, Rowland Heights!
  5. Wow...although it was not too surprising.

    Kitaru when I come down to Cali we'll make a roadtrip all the way down to AI and we can destroy all the machine records.
  6. Muf


    What if the high scores weren't reset and this happens to be one of the Ti machines that kan, jin8 and zab have played on... [​IMG]
  7. I approve this trend.
  8. Too bad none of us are local! Here's hoping it does well regardless and some new people find their way here.
  9. m:)

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    no TC posters in LA?
    who's closet? that's about 5 hours from me. they need on in Arizona!
    imagine a world where all arcades have Ti
    world peace would certainly follow
  10. its about an hour from me, i guess i can record a video if i ever go visit and post it on youtube. not anytime soon though, busy with school and finals.
  11. I say Kitaru, me, and the other California TGM players make a road trip to AI and prove why what most perceive as yet another Tetris game deserves to stay in an American arcade.
  12. I'm 45 minutes from there! I'll definitely go there over summer break.
  13. K


    one Hour is not that bad !
  14. Amnesia

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    yes but one hour or not..Blink sucks at TGM..

  15. Anyone up for dragging Digi there? I know he's too cool for legitimate TGM games, but we need to make sure he's still playing, at least O.o
  16. Zircean: He is still playing. This was uploaded today on his account: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc4CRgJNEkA He's just too cool for us on the forums and IRC, Skype etc... Ridiculous I say. I am disappointed in him for just disappearing without any words... :S
  17. It's too bad I'd suck hard with a stick, otherwise I'd be down for a road trip to put at least an m6 in the rankings. Surely the hiscore is worse than that, right? Why couldn't this have been in the Bay Area?!

    (I am in Europe, btw, for a month, so no tetris for me)
  18. So I hear AI regularrs are warming up to TGM3, but think Classic Rule is a load of crap.

    All the more reason to one day roadtrip down to AI and evangelize ARS. ~_^
  19. So TC's mikehaggar went down there recently. Ti is set up in a lovely candycab with sanwa sticks and buttons. The sticks were set to 8-way, but he made them change it to 4-way. Now everything is perfect if anyone else wants to make the trip.

    He's going to make another trip soon... He said he'll take some pictures too.

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