2015 resolutions !

Thread in 'Discussion' started by nicofromtokyo, 2 Jan 2015.

  1. My 2014 post was :

    "TGM :

    Sub 10 , ultimate goal Didn't get it
    Big mode 500 , a good exercise on reading moves Neither

    TAP :

    Master Green Line GM Got it
    + 999 , also a good reading exercise Got it
    Death GM Got it as well
    Doubles sub 5 minutes That one is hard, and I didn't practice it so no

    TI :

    Master O, promotional Master K Nope
    Shirase S14 Uhhh"

    My goal now is TAP exclusive
    mfm005 challenge sub 800
    TGM+ finished in sub 10 minutes
    Big mode 500
    Master Orange GM
    Death sub 6 GM
    Win at the Carnival of Death M-wise
    Make a TAP run without dying

    And play DTET

    And get that TC project working at last
  2. « And play DTET » \o/

    I didn’t even think of programming-related projects, I should maybe put « make Quadra the Grand Master and take over the world of falling blocks » as one of my all-time resolutions =p
  3. My goals:

    TAP Master Gm
    Ti Master MV
    Finish my secret tetris project

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