2015 resolutions !

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  1. HNY to everybody !

    So what are the goals you're going to waste hundred of hours for this year ? :p

    For me, as I reached almost everything I expected from TGM/TAP, I'll put it simple :

    -TGM : sub 11'
    -TAP Death : m

    I'm pretty confident about TGM, and pretty sure I won't do it for TAP. But il ne faut jamais dire jamais.

    Your turn.
  2. I don’t have a lot of resolutions, except Kaiden for IIDX, and Master qualified in World.

    (I play exclusively in World now, because the down direction doesn’t work in my stick anymore XD but maybe I could try to play Classic with my old-ass Thrustmaster controller)
  3. daily 18 NES maxes, monthly NES 19 maxes.

    2015 CTWC win, 2015 CTEC win. PAL 800k.

  4. ∙▂∙ wowowow! That's quite something, best of luck!

    That seems like a really bad reason! :D Someone here could certainly help you in fixing that. What kind of stick do you have?
  5. A Datel Arcade Pro. It (might be) a shitty stick and it’s 8-way, but at least I’ve went up to m5 qualified in both systems with it %p
  6. TAP master GM (as every year)
    Normal mode 500K + points
    Master mode 360K + points
  7. Release Jester v1. I'd also like to be able to consistently beat the master curve. Death isn't realistic for me this year.
  8. so weird for me to read all these goals since i have no idea what most of them are!:rolleyes:
  9. My New Year’s resolutions for 2015

    Tetris related:

    NullpoMino – Sprint (40 lines): sub 23 seconds
    NullpoMino - Sprint (100 lines): sub 1:07 seconds
    NullpoMino – Dig Challenge: 4:30+
    Heboris – 20G: sub 4:40 (0-999)
    Fix/upgrade my internet connection so I can play a LOT more multiplayer Tetris

    Non-Tetris related:

    Eat a LOT more Malaysian and Indonesian food XD
    Complete my classic/retro Anime DVD collection
    Buy a ‘new’ (2nd hand) synthesiser (Roland JD-800)
    Save up for a new, smaller, faster car B)
    Get 10+ tattoos (first on the list is a large Shadowlaw emblem across my chest, bwahahaha!!!) :twisted:

    - Jono
  10. Awesome to see such high aspirations! I wish you and all here the best in achieving them!

    I may as well shoot for the stars too. 12 months is a long time. I've been working really hard at my Level 19 game and would love to see an NES NTSC maxout from myself.

    I would also love to flip the score counter (and then some) on Atari arcade Tetris. Someone has to break the world record on that one...
  11. TAP - Master: M (damn, I still can't reach 999 under 8:45 xD)
    TAP - T.A. Death: GM

    Ti - Master: Qualified MM

    Texmaster - Sudden Ti: Sub 5min S13
  12. My competitive tetris career has ended, since I'm moving next month and I won't be in position to play hardcore tetris on the laptop. Nevertheless I'm glad I achieved my main goal during 2014 (Death GM 5:30) so I think the job has been done in all modes. Even if the conditions were different I don't think I had much more to contribute. I hope that 2015 will bring new players to the community and the interest will be higher.
  13. Hope to get a TAP pcb in time for the big 3/25 and do better than last year. Suppose the goal would be level 350+.
    The problem is though I don't have a way to capture rgb directly from my blast city cab. (or any other way for that matter) so I may have to post scores only this year if I do end up buying the pcb.

    another goal which shouldn't be too hard would be to get TGM1 GM on pcb since I have it and a working blast city now.
    last goal I guess just to try and play more often, new Master record for tgm3 would be nice. S6+.
    - - -
    then I have goals for other games, not tetris related.
    Mega Man X 100% SNES - 37.xx (currently 39:50)
    Mega Man X3 100% SNES - 49.xx (currently 57:45)
  14. in order of decreasing realism:

    * be able to hit Death 400 50% of the time
    * bump up against Death torikan
    * develop a russian blocks simulator
    * Death M
  15. Mine are tgm gm, and death 300. I failed my death 200 goal this year cause ive been super busy, but got pretty close on christmas eve getting 191. Once i get 200 consistently im going to attempt tgm gm.

    I also have plans for other training methods if i ever get time to do it.
  16. Speaking of…

    Speaking of… Unregistered

    Speaking of my qualified Master, I just got a Master grade today in one game, and unlocked the invisible roll in another (I got wrecked hahaha)
  17. Woops, I posted unregistered. I thought "name" refered to a post name, or a subthread name, or whatever XD
  18. Let's see here:

    -Learn how to better manage my TGM game at 20G
    -Get S6 or higher on TGM1 or Texmaster Normal
    -Not suck at uploading YouTube videos
    -Maybe be more frequent on the TC forum
    -Be able to complete a TAP section in under 65 seconds
    -Score 600,000 points on NullPoMino's Technician Special mode
    -Pass Level 15 in Technician Special
    -Score 350,000 points on TAP's Normal mode or Texmaster Novice
    -All around, become better at ARS
    -Not have a colossal failure of an event that was the Texathalon. Seriously, it was doomed from the start due to how irresponsible I was back then, and it was half the reason why I ditched my old account. Sorry if there's a rule against that, but I really don't want to remember it again. Come to think of it, this post I'm typing up isn't really helping matters. Tell you what, I'll just leave that competition stuff to you guys.

    That's about all I can think of so far.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and learn how to type in btkillsar's name without messing it up.
  19. TAP M by June.
    Death 500 by the end of carnival.

    On a side note I just got a razer deathstalker for the chiclet keys because it's the only way I can play 0-500 master by rolling the up then down arrow. I love it, completed TAP master for the first time in over a year since the last time I had access to a chiclet keyboard. I don't think tetrises will be too much of a problem but that 8:45 is intimidating...
  20. I've been having some good games lately, closing in on level 800. So I add the following goal for TAP:

    Complete the game at 999. Bonus goal: S5 or higher.

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