2013 portland championship- if you wanna sleep on my my couch- do.

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by wasmachstdugern, 24 Aug 2013.

  1. i want as many good players to come to this thing as possible, and if opening up my house makes it happen, then...

    i live a measly few short blocks from the portland convention center where the retro gaming expo (AKA tetris championship) is held so if you are on the fence about travel costs please let me know! you can stay with me and my lady friend at my place for free. i have two legitimate spots available (a guest bedroom and a bed in the basement) and two other sub-optimal (but free) places to sleep... a couch and another couch.

    i also plan on having pals over for some pre-competition competition (i have three TVs and NES consoles downstairs where i host regular, drunken tetris events) so let me know if you're interested.

    as a brief aside, i am not a weirdo. well, OK, yes i am. but i am the most handsome, eloquent, punctual, debonair, bearded, balding tetris weirdo you will have have the pleasure of meeting. hit me up.
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  2. i may end up taking you up on this actually... buffering
  3. i am glad to hear you're coming. for some reason i thought you couldn't...
  4. May also end up taking you up on this offer, seeing as I am broke again thanks to pinball tournament season! I'm actually in Portland right now as I write this thanks to a tournament. Can't wait to see everyone again real soon at CTWC!
  5. the offer stands.

    send me a message if you maybe have time for a game or two while you're in town. i have two TVs and consoles.

    PS where is the pinball tournament?
  6. I ended up heading right back up to Seattle after dinner (10pm Sizzle Pie), but I'll be back in town for a full weekend in late September for the Cascadia Cup pinball tournament. I might be free on the Friday before the tournament; if that happens I'll let ya know! The tournament I was at yesterday was at a collector's house, but usually the ones I go to are at the C-Bar in SE Portland.
  7. OK, me for sure i think. there is also a 50% chance of a friend of mine coming, but well cross that bride when we come to it. I will PM you my phone number... we should talk. I already have a flight (oct 3-7 are the dates im there) hope i dont overstay my welcome :/
  8. Is Nate going? (i think that's his name, long hair friend from MGC?). If so damn it's going to be a tough field this year!
  9. hotel terry is closed. amen.
  10. So Thor only showed up to the first championship, right? Can we get him to show up to this one?

    Let's all encourage it, even if it means eliminating ourselves from the podium. He's good for the game and can only help grow its popularity (something Ben C and I were discussing last weekend).
  11. I'd echo Chad's sentiment. I'm not only hopeful that Thor would consider entering the ring again, but also that Robin and some West Coast folks would come check out MGC next year. The Midwest scene ain't no joke... B)
  12. i would be happy to come visit you guys next year in the midwest. i have always wanted to visit that part of the country! i will be bringing my A game though fellas- watch out. i pack a mean SNES punch too.

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