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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Kitaru, 2 Jan 2012.

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    My wife promised me to buy a cabinet if i lose 10Kg..
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    No more mantitties? :'(
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Modification for me here :

    TAP DEATH : GM 5:45
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  5. My real goals:
    -TAP Death GM
    -TAP Master S9
    -TAP Master M

    The goals I should actually be going for:
    -TGM1 "get better"
    -TGM+ clear
    -stop doing stupid ROflmao finesse

    The goals I'll stupidly end up shooting for instead:
    -No hold Sudden Ti Torikan
    -Survive Sudden Ti 700-1000
    -Survive Sudden Ti 1100-1200
  6. My goals:

    TGM1: faster than 10:05? 10:00? Input lag basically sucks the fun out of this game for me.
    TGM1 20G: 9:50.

    TAP Normal: I think I'm pretty happy with where I am. All three highscores on my list are over 500000. Those talking about luck and consistency in TGM ought to utterly hate this mode. I got a bravo yesterday entering the third section with 236k points. Final score? 478k - nothing impressive when I've done that with 180k @ level 200.
    TAP Master: M sub-8:20.

    TAP Death: Gm sub 6:15. I can often survive to 700-800, but often space out on a J or L which leads to my demise.

    Ti Easy: Happy with where I am, the only way to get better is to learn MOM stacking.

    Ti Master: 5:45 clear times with consistency. Screw the invisible roll.

    Ti Shirase: input lag makes this unplayable above 600.
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    TGM : GM 9:50
    TAP MASTER : GM* green 8:15 / M 7:45
    TAP DEATH : GM 5:45

    TI MASTER : MO* 5:50 / m9-M 5:20
    TI SHIRASE : S13 5:30

    Well...7 months passed already..
  8. wow i never posted in this thread

    so here's what i want to do for the rest of this year:
    - break 10:40 in TGM (still at 11:15... sad)
    - get to 700 in TAP death
    - get TAP master M (i am capable of it, i just need to pull it off)
    - learn to play TI (l2hold, l2playonstick, handle 15 frame lock) and actually go to austin once in a while to play it
  9. TGM1 GM in under 11:00
    TGM1 GM in 20G Mode. I've done S9 in 11:08, but I missed the qualifications.
    TAP Master S9
    TAP Death 500
    Overall Better Consistency

    I'm saving up for a TGM1 PCB right now, so hopefully that will help out with the lag, which is definitely becoming much more noticeable the faster I play.
  10. It's already August and I haven't came up with any, so here's my list:
    S5 on Normal(currently grade 1 I think)
    Get used to Classic Rule and stop relying on World Rule, or at least on modes pre-Ti
    Learn to better stack Secret Grades
    Hit 750 on Special
    Learn how to put actual TGM music as background music, even though it's probably been told a MILLION times and I'm still unsure how. I could probably figure it out, it's just getting the music to loop that stumps me.
    Improve COOL!! rate on Special Ti
    Stop being lazy and post some more videos. I haven't been on in so long that I've realized I should probably pump out more mediocre Tetris videos.
    Clear 2000 lines in one game on Tetris DS Marathon Endless
    Clear Master Mode on Tetris Axis
    Clear Survival Mode on Tetris Axis
    Set up for and get a T-Spin Triple(again)

    Knowing me, though, I probably won't get half of these done, especially the Texmaster ones.
  11. Hahaha...yeah right. :(
  12. C'mon dude, I'm sure with a little help you KAN do it ;)

    Oh and since I haven't posted in this thread yet:
    I'ma have a Sudden/Death GM, a Death M on stick in Eindhoven and a Master M (or at least a sub 8:45 run).
  13. 1/ Become consistent in TGM. In progress
    2/ GM in TGM on the PCB.
    3/ Clear the TAP Master mode. In progress (947 / S7)
    4/ GM in TGM 20G mode.
    And maybe if I have enough time:
    5/ Level 500 in TAP Death. In progress (300~448, 400~501, 500~591)
  14. By the end of the year, I will be a GM in TGM1
  15. 1/ Become consistent in TGM.
    2/ GM in TGM on the PCB.
    3/ Clear the TAP Master mode.
    4/ GM in TGM 20G mode.

    But first I really want to be able to clear TGM during the Masters tournies.

    5/ Level 400 reached in TAP Death, let's say Lvl.500 for next year :p
  16. There's still two whole months man, go for it! :p
  17. We're reaching the end of this topic, I guess.

    Happy new year to every member of tetrisconcept!
  18. Happy New Year! I guess I didn't make any Tetris goals this year. But I managed to trigger the M-Roll in Ti's Master/Clones for the first time AND like 3 times this year, so that's probably good enough.
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    i'm glad to see i made no resolution for 2012..

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