2012 resolutions

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Kitaru, 2 Jan 2012.

  1. What does everyone hope to achieve this year? Here is my current list:

    +TGM Big GM or TAP Big 999

    +TAP Master sub-8
    +TAP Death sub-6 -- in fact, I'd like 5:45 if possible

    +Ti Easy 1000
    +Ti Sakura time attack improvement
    +Ti MasterM
    +Ti Shirase 1000 Sudden Ti 1000, close enough! :p
    +Ti Secret GM (Come on already!! :sowsuser:) :3

    +NES 999,999 (Go big or go home! :twisted:)
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  2. Oops I didn't get any of these last year... lets try that again. w
  3. I hope I get them this year
  4. 2012 goals:

    1/ Become consistent in TGM.
    2/ GM in TGM on the PCB.
    3/ Clear the TAP Master mode.
    4/ GM in TGM 20G mode.

    And maybe if I have enough time:
    4/ Level 500 in TAP Death.

    But first I really want to be able to clear TGM during the Masters tournies. Really. And training on game centers costs a lot more money than playing on my PC :D
  5. K


    - Evangelise more people.
  6. Muf


    2012 goals:
    Finish steadshot's stick
    Finish my supergun
    Acquire more Tetris PCBs
    Improve TGM1 Gm time
    Improve TAP record

    I think I'll save Ti resolutions for 2013...
  7. Good luck with that.
  8. I have found a couple of seemingly interested players.

    My 2012 resolutions = my 2011 resolutions :oops: (both Gm on tap, sub 10 min on tgm)
    + reach 999 in Ti master
    + counter stop tetris game boy
    + finish the story mode on tetris plus
  9. Get MasterM at Ti/Special Ti.
    Get S13 (sub 5:30, I would like sub 5:15) at Ti/Special Ti.
    Practice more TGM and TAP (maybe get M at Death, but I don´t see that very possible...)
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Just stop it....


    TGM : GM 9:50

    TAP MASTER : GM* green 8:15 / M 7:45
    TAP DEATH : GM 5:55

    TI MASTER : MO* 5:50 / m9-M 5:20
    TI SHIRASE : S13 5:30

    * Heeuummhh......no...nothing. :|
  11. Get some shreds of myself back together so I can do the things I used to enjoy.. I don't have high hopes though

    Happy new year and wish me luck
  12. I'm sorry to hear that. Your scores and skills in both TGM and IIDX were pretty amazing, I hope you can start playing them again soon. :) Good luck for this year!

    The end of 2011 was a pretty catastrophic mess for me too. I don't want to be accused of sympathy-whoring, but I don't think I've posted anywhere about it yet. I moved into an apartment in October, and ended up having a seizure which caused me to fall out of my lofted bed, fracturing my spine and totally fucking up my arms and legs (in addition to biting through my tongue!). A quick trip to the ER and then a neurologist revealed that, surprise, I have epilepsy! Anyway, I couldn't play games until it was determined that I didn't have the kind of epilepsy that makes you have seizures from flashing lights. Luckily I don't have that, and now I'm feeling better. These seizure meds are really spacing me out, though, and I'm hoping to get off of them at some point as I can tell they are hurting my performance in games and, well, everything else. Hopefully that should explain part of my more or less absence for the last few months.

    Anyway, 2012 goals are pretty simple:

    - 9:30 TGM1 GM
    - Classic TGM3 Master GM
    - 5:30 World TGM3 Master GM
    - 8:00 TGM2+ Master GM
    - 5:30 TGM2+ Death GM
    - Classic Shirase 1300

    I'm (as usual) working on getting some cool video recording stuff set up, so expect some neat stuff later on this year!
  13. K


    bitch :wub:
  14. + TGM3 Master provisional grade
    + TGM Grand Master grade
    + TGM2 Master grade (somehow)
    + TGM3 Sakura ALL
    + TGM3 Shirase 1000
    + TGM2 T.A. Death 500+

    Yeah. I'm sure I can do that in a year. Just so you know, I can't even break the 500 torikan in Shirase and I'm m2 of provisional grade. So yeah, I aim big this time.
  15. ei


    - Play the game more

    ...okay I think that's really about it. Didn't play much last year so I'll refrain from dreaming too big besides getting back at it.
  16. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    My goal for 2012:

    Convince more people that grades in TGM3 mean very little, and that they should play for time attack instead :D
  17. Grades mean little, because one of the requirements to get them are consistency. I'm really convinced that consistency is impossible to learn and is luck-based.
    THAT is why there's only 5 GMs. (that, and invisible reading)
  18. COL


  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    In the meaning of "consistency", there is a total opposition with the meaning of "luck".
    I am not unconsistent because of a lack of luck (because I am a lucky guy I think), it is because I took very bad habits for years extremely hard to remove now.
  20. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Erm, guys, I think m.kevin was being sarcastic...

    Anyway, to give everyone an insight into why I take the particular stance that I do, let's have a look at what it means to be GM or other high grades in each game in the TGM series.

    In TGM1:
    being GM means that you can a) maintain a consistent high speed of play throughout the entire game so that your time at level 300, 500 and 999 doesn't suck; and b) maintain a high line clear efficiency throughout the entire game so that your grade doesn't suck at levels 300, 500 and 999.

    In TGM2:
    being S9/M/GM means that you can a) maintain a consistent high speed of play throughout the entire game so that your grade points don't drain away; and b) maintain a high line clear efficiency throughout the entire game so that you earn a lot of grade points.

    In TGM3:
    being MO/MM/GM means that you a) have knowledge of the 2 second rule and how to exploit it; b) play logged in; and c) can play highly competently in the 55 second invis roll.

    Basically, high grades in TGM1 and 2 both require a high level of competency throughout the entire game (which is about 11 minutes in TGM1 for an average strong player, and 8:30 in TGM2); however, TGM3 doesn't require anything more than a very basic level of competency for the main game; one can play relatively slowly, clearing very few tetrises/triples, and still earn high grades; it is not the first 6 minutes or so of the main game, but the final 55 seconds of credit roll that almost entirely determines whether you're classed as a "good player" or not.

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