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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by KevinDDR, 9 Jan 2012.

  1. Second week will suit me better because I'll be more likely to get a couple of days off work easily, given I don't start my job until August 20th
  2. I don't think I can make it due to financial concerns, dudes :( Sorry! I promise I'll be back in the future! Well, if I win the NW Championships this year (or even get second), I'll have enough and I'll book a flight.
  3. Muf


  4. K


    i put option on the second week only.
  5. Muf


    Alright, that means the final date for the meeting will be 20-23 September, and as usual people may arrive on Wednesday the 19th if that's cheaper or more convenient, and/or leave on Monday the 24th if they want.

    Anyone else coming besides KevinDDR, Kevcel, Cyberguile, K, steadshot, Rosti, and Taratang? :D
  6. I think I'm definitely going to make it ^^ I'll check about booking later
  7. I should mention that my concern is purely financial; if I can get the money together, though, I'll be there!
  8. Hey,

    If it helps, the UK Tetris Open is on 21st July 2012 - it would be great to see as many of your guys there as possible - a good few serious Tetris players are coming, and we'll probably have a meal after the event to get to know each other as well,



    p.s. please check this thread to see when signups arrive! http://harddrop.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3964
  9. Muf


    Roll call! The Eindhoven meeting is almost exactly in a month, so I'd like to know who's coming!

    I am expecting:

    ... KevinDDR ಠ_ಠ

    Please let me know, thanks! :awe:
  10. Still in :awe:
  11. I'm still in here. Can anyone help me out with advice concerning the trip, please? I'd appreciate that a lot, thanks =)
  12. Muf


    By rail: Probably a Prem's TGV ticket for Lyon-Bruxelles would be the cheapest/fastest way to get through most of your journey. Then take a regular train fare from Bruxelles to Eindhoven.
    By air: Ryanair flies both ways between Marseilles and Eindhoven. You could see what dates/times/prices are available.
  13. If you can't fly to Eindhoven then Schiphol Amsterdam is only like 90 minutes and €14 away via train. And if you can't fly to Schiphol then you live somewhere shit.

    I'm confirmed to be there now. Or at least I have the time off work and the flights booked so I fucking hope so.
  14. Muf


    Also I've been toying with the idea of selling Tetrisconcept T-shirts at the meeting for people who submit their sizes/quantities beforehand. However unless Lordstar comes to the meeting himself (which I've asked, but him getting time off work is highly unlikely), they will need to be printed and shipped in time for the meeting, meaning I need to order pretty much yesterday.

    If people are interested, let me know (and tell me your size). I'm thinking of something along the lines of dark grey shirts with a white logo on the front and small text on the back near the neck.
  15. Having trouble finding non-shit flights but will confirm in the next week or so. I might just fly Schiphol and take the train.

    If we're making T-shirts I'm a medium :)
  16. K


    L size for me
  17. Flights booked! I'm flying to Schiphol on the 20th (Thursday) and will get the train down from there, arriving in Eindhoven hopefully sometime in the afternoon.
  18. That's it

    I'll be in Schiphol on Friday 21 at 13:45
    I'll go back to Lyon on Sunday 23 at 20:30

    Upon further thinking, I think a L size shirt would do just fine, thanks in advance

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