2010 Resolutions

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Rosti LFC, 31 Dec 2009.

  1. You'll easily make S6 in Ti Master.
  2. Time to look back on how we did this year...(though I see Kitaru already edited his post back at the end of october)

    The resolution I posted back on 12/31/09 was "Beat jujube's 44-second Typomino 40-lines time.". I'm not even playing keyblox/typomino anymore, but I did actually manage to beat it with a 10-key time of 43.885. My 40-key time isn't far off either (at all!), at 44.034.

    I also said the following:
    Well, I got sudden M a while ago but haven't been able to do the same on joystick (granted I've still got a couple of days to do it, but I'm...not really gonna sweat it). I...didn't learn how to play without double-taps and triple-rotates, but Kitaru says that'll just come if I play at high speeds a lot and focus (must...focus...).

    Resolutions for the coming year? Uhmm....get TGM1 GM @ SJSU, get Death M, and then....uhhhhhhhhh I don't really have any goals that I want to shoot for past that that will take only 1 year. I guess I could do something different, like clearing TGM+ or something, or learning how to use hold (LOL YEA RITE), but whatever.

    I guess I only have short-term goals right now. After Death M will be something like "play through 400-499 more confidently" (which I can do, just not always, and not that often on joystick), and "manual lock through the whole of 300-399 confidently".
  3. Muf


    Wow! That was a pretty depressed new year's resolution! Well it seems that I can play full hour-long sessions again without problems, but I do need to watch out. I'm kind of regretting I didn't put getting Gm in TGM1 as a resolution but then again it just kind of happened randomly anyway! So yeah, I think it's safe to put greenlining TAP as a new year's resolution, and maybe a cautious resolution to get to 500 in TAP Death. 412 is pretty close, after all!
  4. Let's see how I did...

    - TAP Death m 510 3:22.98
    - TAP Master S9 8.38.13
    - TGM1 Gm sub-11:30 11:28.23
    - TM Sudden Ti S7 or above 839
    - TM Special Ti m7 or above
    - TAP Master m (this one's a stretch)

    Although I might get the third and/or fifth one before 2011, so keep watching this space...
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  5. TGM1:
    Sub-10 GM FAIL
    20G 9:30 GM FAIL

    Normal 500000 FAIL
    TGM+ 999 FAIL
    Master GM Green Line
    Death GM
    Death Gold SK

    Easy Classic 1400 Hanabi FAIL
    Sakura Classic ALL
    Master Classic MM
    Master Classic MK qualified
    Shirase Classic 1300 FAIL

    Phantom Mania MK FAIL
    ACE-HELL Ti-ARS 100 Lines (Didn't even try)
    34sec 40 Lines
    Tetris with CCS:EH sub5 FAIL
    Complete doubles with 10 players this year FAIL
  6. Ai


    An assessment of my performance will be done next year and I'll post my new resolutions at that time. ^^
  7. Yeah, my progress on those goals has sort of been at a stand-still since my last edit. I'll be pulling them forward into my 2011 goals list.
  8. Kevin: there's still like 4 days left, what's with that attitude? :p
  9. I completed all my TGM1/TAP goals and failed all my Ti ones. Interesting.
  10. Ai


    Let's see, where to start... The red text objectives were totally neglected or not tried hard enough. In the case of the blue resolutions I played quite a bit, but obviously not nearly enough to improve significantly.

    My best results are achieved by focusing on a certain mode for long periods of time. Short sessions now and then and playing a lot once in a while clearly wasn't the best strategy. Not that I had much of a choice. During the week I was too tired to play and if I played it was just some light practice to keep my skills from deteriorating too much. In the weekends I got easily distracted by other things and played too little. It was frustrating to warm up for half an hour or more before I could play at a decent level because of the lack of regular play.

    I'd say the will to improve is certainly still there, but I wasn't motivated enough to go beyond my current abilities. There's little doubt that I would have achieved more if I played more, so in some way it doesn't feel as bad as really trying and failing hard. Emulating 2009 was probably impossible, but I'm determined to make more progress this year by carefully choosing my objectives. ^^

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