2010 Resolutions

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  1. TAP Death M by July, 800+ by end of year.
    TAP Master S9 by March, M by end of year.
    TGM under 12 minutes by March, under 11 by September, under 10:30 by end of year.

    Personal best: Green line S8
              No     Green  Orange
              Line   Line   Line   Total
    Gm        -      0      0      0
    M         0      -      -      0
    S9        0      0      0      0
    S8        0      0      0      0
    S7        1      0      0      1
    S6        3      1      0      4
    S5        2      0      0      2
    S4        7      0      0      7
    S2/S3     4      0      0      4
    S1        12     0      0      12
    1         12     0      0      12
    2         5      0      0      5
    Lower     7      0      0      7
    Total     53     1      0      54 
    By the time this list reaches about 1000 total games or so, I want the total S4 games or higher to be at least 50% or so of the total.
  2. K


    An Ass That's a great thing to keep statistic of all your games.
    keep continuing !
  3. Ai


    My sentiments exactly! Let's see who will be the first person outside Japan. Mark my words, I will get over 500000 this year. ^^

    What I would like to achieve by the end of the year:

    TGM: Gm under 10:38:15 ^^
    TGM 20G: sub 11 minute Gm Done on 06/22/10!! ^^
    TGM Big Mode: S9 Done on 05/25/2010!! ^^
    TGM/TAP Secret Grade: S6
    TGM REV: 20G practice

    TAP Normal: over 500000
    TAP Master: S9 with a time as close to 9 minutes as possible
    TAP Master 20G: S9 under 10 minutes
    TAP Master Big Mode: grade 1
    TAP Master Item Mode: clear game with at least S6 Done on 12/26/2010!! ^^
    TAP Master Big Item Mode: over level 250 Done on 01/28/2010!! ^^
    TAP TGM+: 999
    TAP T.A. Death: M

    TM Novice: break 600000
    TM Special Ti: clear game with at least M6
    TM Sudden Ti: break torikan

    TWCCS: total time within 30 seconds of Arika superplay video
    Invisible practice
    40 lines in under 40 seconds in any game
    KeyBlox/Typomino: sub 100 seconds 40 lines

    Main resolutions are in bold and those in italic aren't really important.
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  4. I thing you would need to do a lucky bravo after a big combo to get such a score on normal mode
  5. :biggrin:

    I feel like I should have some resolution for master/Texmaster special, but i don't have any clue what. Maybe to just play it a little more rather than playing Death/Sudden 100% of the time xD.

    I can't make a good resolution for Death either, actually. I can definitely make M "soon", but don't know if making a resolution for GM after that is a good idea. Maybe i can make a resolution to play confidently with joystick, meaning no more double-taps and triple-rotates (blaaahhhhhh)
  6. Ai


    It's possible to get over 500000 without a bravo. But you're right that in my case I will certainly need a bravo. It doesn't have to be a bravo after a combo though. A bravo tetris around level 200 should be enough in a solid game.

    I will see how I do in Typomino soon. Maybe I'll aim for sub 60 seconds if things go well. ^^

    S9 in TAP Master and M in T.A. Death are within your reach. As for good resolutions, only you know what amount of time you're willing to spend to improve. Death GM this year is probably still too soon.

    Last year when I made my resolutions I didn't really aim high as I wasn't sure how things would go with the lack of progress at the time. I think that was for the better. As soon as I cleared most of my TGM objectives halfway the year I got a confidence boost that helped me improve quite a bit in the second half of th year. This year I may have aimed too high in certain games and modes. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I have about the same amount of time to play as last year. Otherwise it'll be very difficult to even clear the bold resolutions. ^^;


    Very bold resolutions. Good luck! I'll think about keeping statistics of some of my games.
  7. yeah, i'm just saying it's awkward because I already have S9 in texmaster special (i almost had a 9:xx:xx time but died in 900-999 due to some poor decisions) and I'm 4 seconds for the torikan in sudden, so I feel like both of those resolutions are easy pickings. Beating jujube in keyblox should be good though. I'm only 5 seconds away, but...well, 5 seconds can be a lot ^^;

    maybe i should just strive for consistency. like clearing TAP master consistently, or clearing 20G mode consistently.
  8. Death Master is all I currently want to achieve (or Sudden Master), which hopefully wont take the whole year, but who knows, I don't think I made any progress recently.
  9. GameBoy Tetris:
    400k (had a 360k last summer after aiming for 300k)
    Small rocket in under 40 lines (pulled a 40 last year, want lower)
    200 lines game (My best is 173 I think)
  10. Other resolutions:

    * Mushihime-sama Futari: [1.5 Original] 1CC.
    * Truxton II: Reach Stage 4.
    * Gradius Gaiden: 2nd loop 1CC.
    * Thunder Force VI: FUCK THIS GAME
    * TH06 – Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: [Normal] 1CC, [Hard] 1CC.
    * TH9.5 – Shoot the Bullet: Clear all stages.
    * Raiden Fighters Jet: 100 million and ALL3 clear (including TLB).

    Rhythm Games:
    * Pop’n Music: Clear a level 38.
    * DJMAX Technika: Clear Customizer.

    Other Games:
    * Shin Megami Tensei – Devil Survivor: Clear it, any route.
    * Mother 2 / Earthbound: Clear it.
    * Mother 3: Clear it.

    All Games:
    * Stop restarting so much, except in Restart Raiden Fighters.
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  11. play less tetris, skip less classes
  12. TGM1: GM
    TAP Master: I don't know... at least a completion? *shrug*
    TAP Death: 500 - Maybe M?
  13. TGM1: GM.

    TAP: S3 on Master, 300 on Death. Perhaps get to 200 on Doubles. Still need to figure out a good configuration for each hand with this shoddy laptop keyboard that I get to work with.

    ^ Oh yes, definitely that too.
  14. I don't skip classes, I just fall asleep in class or let my brain wander into miscelleneous thoughts.
  15. There's your problem right there! :awe:

    I get the impression that there aren't many laptop keyboard that behave as poorly as mine when it comes to gaming though, haha. At any rate, I swear by my Apple M7803 as far as keyboards go.
  16. I would like to get TGM:GM this year and TGM2 death mode:500

    I would also like to get motivated to play Tetris more again, but right now it looks like I will be busy with real life.

    I would also like to get below 30 seconds in 40 lines
  17. M in TAP Death
    M in TAP Master
    M in Texmaster Special Ti
    m8 in Ti Master
    S10 in Texmaster Sudden Ti
    S7 in Ti Shirase
    sub-11 TGM1 Gm

    Ambitious? Hell yes.

    Doable? Probably.

    Healthy? Hmmm...
  18. 40 lines in under 25 seconds.
  19. Oh! Another resolution: get at least two friends into TGM this year. I'll see what this year's Fanime and NorCal Tetris meets can do.
  20. [​IMG]

    29 out of 100. I've got some work to do...

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