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  1. So yeah, goals for next year guys?
  2. Re: 2009 Resolutions - Now 2010!!

    Beat jujube's 44-second Typomino 40-lines time.
  3. Re: 2009 Resolutions - Now 2010!!

    Beat muf in Ti Master Classic and become more confident at high speeds.
    Play more regularly instead of binging every few months.
    Finally play a bit of TGM and TAP.
  4. Muf


    Being able to play without my left hand hurting after playing for 30 seconds.
  5. TAP Death: 407 --> 500
    Texmaster Sudden: ~360 --> 500
    40-Line: 41.xx --> 35.xx
    TOJ Attack: ~25 --> 35

    1- I am quite unsure how difficult the time requirements for crossing 500 are. This is why I have chosen not to include them.
    2- When I write toj attack, I just mean the attack that shows after a session (not the one in overall statistics).
  6. Tetris-related? Guess none at all. Haven't played in ages and don't really feel like coming back anytime soon either. :/
    Though if I do, I'll probably focus on TAP Master and T.A. Death only. I got excited when I reached 300 on Death two times in October or whenever.
  7. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Is Death GM too much to ask for?
  8. So mine:
    -Record a TAP master mode M rank with a not too ridiculous invisible m-roll and put the video on youtube ^^
    -TAP death M rank grrr
    -TGM1 sub 11 min30 GM
    -TAP big block code:
    normal mode finish
    reach 500 in master mode
  9. Here are mine, in probable order of completion:

    - TAP Death m
    - TAP Master S9
    - TGM1 Gm sub-11:30
    - TM Sudden Ti S7 or above
    - TM Special Ti m7 or above
    - TAP Master m (this one's a stretch)

    - Phantom M (hahahahaha jk guys)
  10. * TGM1: Reach GM
    * TAP: [Master] Reach S4, [T.A. Death] Reach 500 regardless of time
    * Ti/Texmaster/NullpoMino: I think I stopped caring for Ti modes.
    * The Move Reset: Play it.
  11. ei


    I guess I can actually bother to make resolutions this year. Not sure how much time I'll have for TGM, but what the hell, I need something to shoot for.

    TGM1: Improve my GM time (I'm losing places on the scoreboard, gotta get back to where I was!)
    TAP Master: Get M. (Only ~30 seconds to shave off, most of which would probably come from sub-20G; then it's down to bullshitting *ahem* making sure I get the requirements...)
    TAP Death: Get to level ~700-750. GM would be nice but I think it's a bit too much of a stretch.

    We'll leave it at that for now. Any Ti play/improvements will be considered a bonus over these three I guess, haha.

  12. Ai


    What about you Rosti? Have you updated your resolutions from last year?

    Left wrist RSI? Hope you recover soon. I think I saw you mention something about it on the IRC channel.

    That would be a sub 10:30 TGM GM. And good luck with the Big mode resolutions. ^^

    If you're aiming for GM in TGM you should aim for at least S6 in TAP Master. Both grades are somewhat equivalent.

    I'll add my resolutions later when I have actually thought about it. Will likely be about the same as Zircean. Not in that order though and I will make time for some less popular modes and challenges as usual. ^^

    Anyone suggestions on how to organize my sig? Should I leave out certain records to make it less cluttered or is there a good way to order it while keeping everything?
  13. woops, I knew there was a problem with that tgm1 time ^^
  14. I would be really happy with:
    Ti Easy 1600+
    Ti Master MM, MK Qualified, sub 5:15
    Ti Shirase S13

    And why not:
    Lode Runner sub 17:00
    Mr. Driller 2 2000m badged
    Jewelry Master Twinkle Another 1 million

    And some failed challenges from last year that I still care about:
    TAP Normal 500k (and never play the mode again)
    TAP Doubles sub 6:00

    I don't have any specific goals with TGM1 and the popular TAP modes, though new records would of course be nice. Must save some room for TGM4!
  15. Loosely ranked from "easy" to "not gonna happen":

    - TGM1 GM with stick GM in 12:26:51, 1/15/10
    - TAP Death 700+
    - TAP Death 500 with stick
    - Special Ti m1
    - Sudden Ti 501+
    - TAP Master M
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  16. Sudden Ti 501+
    Special Ti M1
    TGM1 GM
    TAP S3+

    In general work on stacking efficiency and recovering from misdrops at Sudden Ti's 300+ speed.
  17. K


    - Papertris 40 pieces sub 5 Min :sowsuser: (demo soon)
    - Relaxing on Ti. :V
  18. Keeping my 2009 ones, seeing as I managed none of them. Don't expect to make any of them this year either though.
  19. +l2joystick better (Been doing a good job of this, if I do say so myself!)

    +Set a new TGM1 personal record on hardware (See: l2joystick better)
    +TGM1 in ~10:15

    +TAP Master GM
    +TAP Master GM on joystick (See: l2joystick better)
    +TAP Death GM
    +TAP TGM+ 999
    +TAP Doubles Solo on joysticks. (Notice a recurring theme here?)

    +Ti Master capital M something-or-other
    +Ti Shirase 500+ on joystick (I must repent for my keyboarding ways. :awe:)
    +Ti Secret Grade GM at SakuraCon! (Noooooo...)

    +Phantom Mania Classic3 MK
    +Phantom Mania Classic2 M

    +Fix sleep schedule (UTTER FAILURE)
    +Stop procrastinating and work on the couple of personal projects I've been meaning to work on (Some success.)
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  20. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Glad to see you want to become a true TGMer and leave your days of keyboard mashing behind :D

    I didn't actually make any resolutions last year, and I really started to feel a little left out by August/September time when everyone else's efforts were coming into fruition. So getting in nice and early this year, without further ado, here are my 2010 Tetris resolutions:

    - TGM : Gm in under 9:45

    - TAP Master : m in under 8:10 DONE!
    - TAP Death : Gm, twice just to prove I can
    - TAP TGM+ : 999 in under 10:30

    - Ti Master : 999 in under 5:15 DONE!
    - Ti Shirase : S10+ no hold DONE!
    - Ti Sakura : Just complete the damn thing!

    - MOR : Not sure yet... CANCELLED :(

    - JM Twinkle : Take all the girls out on a second date :biggrin: DONE
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