2009 Seattle Tetris Festival (TAP/TGM1 cabinets) [7/11-7/19]

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  1. Location:

    This is located near Seattle, Washington.
    The address will be provided to confirmed attendees.

    This will be a similar type of event to the Strasbourg meeting.
    The following arcade games will be available at the event:
    running on a New Astro City cabinet.
    running on a New Astro City cabinet OR Kitaru's supergun.

    Heboris and Texmaster will also be setup on a very powerful computer in case anyone's interested in that.
    There's probably going to be a projector for use to display whatever we want.
    If you enjoy music games:
    Beatmania IIDX, Pop'n Music, and Dance Dance Revolution are all available.

    The TAP and TGM1 will be on the entire week. However, since we are renting these cabinets there will be an attendance fee of .

    Of course, there is another cool part to this event:
    Tetris: The Seattle Grandmasters
    This is a Tetris The Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct and Tetris DS tournament which is being held at Acme Bowl in Tukwila, WA during the Festival on July 17th, 2009 at 6pm. Attendees who register for the festival will get at the tournament. In addition, free transportation will be provided to the tournament from the Festival and to the Festival from the tournament to attendees of the Festival.

    To register for the Festival or even indicate that you might wanna come, just post in this thread or let me know. I'm available using these forms of communication:

    AIM: kevinddr2000

    Current list of attendees:
    Colour_Thief (bringing TAP, TGM1 boards)
    Merpy (coming with Colour_Thief)
    Kitaru (bringing supergun?)
    Kevin Birrell
    Laura Chick
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