(09/14/13) NorCal Tetris @ GameCenter before it closes?

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  1. EDIT: September 14th, 2013, one more Tetris meet at Game Center! More details as the come.

    Time pending. Standard open to close would be 3pm-midnight. Last couple Caltrain trips out are around 11 or 12:30, so I'll be bound by that.

    Stuff I'm bringing:
    +Tetris Grand Master 1
    +Tetris Grand Master 2+
    (more console games? Tetris Kiwamemichi 4P co-op insanity? (Mash it up with 2dudes1controller to create 8P OctoQuads co-op disaster?)

    Stuff Myung has that we might be able to leverage:
    +NAOMI Sega Tetris
    +NES Tetris
    +SNES Tetris + Dr. Mario

    +Neo-Geo MVS (Puzzle Bobble, Magical Drop 3)


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    For those that haven't already heard the unfortunate news, GameCenter San Mateo will be closing its doors September 22nd, 2013. However, with a month between now and then, we still have some time to come together for another Tetris meet.

    So, let's make it happen -- what are schedules looking like for everyone? I'm probably going to try to make it out there a bit besides, but I think we can put together another legit meet with boards and cabs one of these weekends if people are up for it.
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  2. Re: NorCal Tetris @ GameCenter before it closes?

    I'm game... will have my laptop as usual! But I won't be available the weekend of their closing.
  3. Re: NorCal Tetris @ GameCenter before it closes?

    Cool. :) Yeah, I was thinking one of the weekends leading up to it if possible.
  4. Re: NorCal Tetris @ GameCenter before it closes?

    Bump because we're planning to make this happen on September 14th, a Saturday. :D
  5. This is tomorrow! READY? :D

    As a last-minute heads up, there is also going to be a games swap meet happening at GameCenter tomorrow. :) Think about bringing some extra cash if you want to get in on that.

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