Comments on Profile Post by Oshisaure

  1. Archina
    There could be some reasons behind it seeing as getting a death M only requires speed whereas the TGM1 GM would require you to not mess up badly before certain parts and stack cleanly. While I feel closer to death 400 than TGM1 GM it's mostly because my 20G stacking isn't too great.
    10 Jul 2016
  2. JBroms
    My instincts tell me that you are not, but I'll hear you out, how far have you made it in each?
    15 Jul 2016
  3. Oshisaure
    @JBroms I'm at ~350 on Death, but S7 with game cleared for TGM1. @Archina and I got the same problems apparently, and I can't make tetrises in 20G. As Death is pure survival, it doesn't really matter.
    17 Jul 2016
  4. JBroms
    You are much closer to TGM1 GM than you are to death M. It probably took me 7 or 8 months to go from ~350 to M. 400 is yet another dramatic speed increase.
    18 Jul 2016
  5. Oshisaure
    Well, we'll see how that goes. Still need to train on both categories anyway.
    19 Jul 2016
  6. Amnesia
    DEATH M is twice more powerfull than TGM Gm.
    23 Oct 2016