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    snapping back when needed works fine for fighting games. no so fine for pinball or tetris.

    play a worst case game on real hardware with a CRT, like battletoads or the tyson fight in mike tyson's punch-out, and compare it vs a pc emulator. those are good lag tests.
  2. I really hope we have good news about TGM4 on February.
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    me too. i still want to know what happened to the english tgm3 that was talked about earlier
  4. What's happening in February?

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  6. Backing this up, but also reality checking that if and when TGM4 happens it won't be released on Vista laptops with custom JAMMA hacks. I bet that TGM3 had negligible lag until they ported it to Type X and TGM4 could yet share that same fate.
  7. Let's hope they won't then
  8. Oh, I was so excited to hear about gsync and freesync until I saw it was just a fix to make games that can't keep up with vsync play without drawing twice, and that drawing twice is still a forced option by the graphics driver/card and not by the game.

    When will a PC ever be able to play without lag? The only PC I have ever seen that was lagfree was the original XBox, if you count that one as a PC. It runs with almost everything like a PC, with a modified Windows 2000 kernel, nVidia graphics drivers built-in, but no VGA though.

    Oh yea, and on-topic: TGM4 is great (I saw it on Youtube), hope it will be released soon!

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