shmupmametgm on Raspberry Pi/RetroPie

Thread in 'Hardware' started by FreakyByte, 4 Mar 2017.

  1. I maybe setting up a gaming room with some friends in the future, and we want to have a MAME setup in there. I obviously want to be able to play some TGM there, and since I'm used to mametgm with the correct framerate I wouldn't want to switch to a different version.

    Our provisional setup would be to use a Raspberry Pi with the RetroPie OS, but since I hardly ever used Linux before I don't know how I would set up mametgm on the Pi. I don't even know where I would find a mametgm Linux built. ^^

    Has anyone else set up mametgm on a Pi, or even specifically on the RetroPie OS before? I know there are some people here that use mametgm on Linux, so maybe those people could help me out. :)
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