Zeromeaner: Browser-Playable Nullpomino Fork

Thread in 'Discussion' started by esialb, 27 Nov 2012.

  1. So, everyone, I'm annoyed by the lack of a nullpo release for almost 2 years. I'm forking the project. I'll be making internal improvements as I go, and I hope to have a version playable in a web browser soon.

    The name for the fork is "zeromeaner", and its (currently bare) website is at . I've got a git repo on that server right now, but am in the process of uploading the project to The project repo is now hosted on github: .

    I haven't made a release yet, so no, you can't play it. The game is currently playable in your web browser! Right now, it's almost exactly the same as nullpo, except the internals have been restructured. For those with a programming background, I've converted it to a maven project, and changed the package names to org.zeromeaner for the core classes and org.zeromeaner.contrib for all the miscellaneous things that were in there for whatever reason.

    If you have nullpo mods, I sincerely invite you to tell me! Maybe I can get them in. First mod I'm putting in is, of course, my own eviline mod.

    Expect a release within a month. Looks like it'll be more like a week.
  2. Muf


    This is looking really cool.
  3. K


    nice !
    i can play at work !
    (don't save config file)
  4. Really nice work!
  5. Thanks all for the feedback. Things are rapidly improving for Zeromeaner.

    However, there are probably people with bugs or suggestions. If you have either of those, please please please submit an issue at!default.jspa . Life is hard for a fixer of bugs and adder of new features when nobody tells him what isn't working or what they wish they could do.

    Happy browser playing, everyone!
  6. K


    I would like to report a bug, but there is another bug that prevent me to report my initial bug :
    registration is necessary, to send a filled report but we can't register. :facepalm:
    or maybe IE7 support problem
  7. LOL. Oh my. It's a new bug reporting system to me. Just fixed it and submitted a test bug report while logged out.
  8. I love the effort! Full steam ahead, high-quality, well-maintained, open-source Tetris variants on current platforms is the best way to keep Tetris play fresh and current. However, I'm worried that the Java browser applet platform is even more neglected than Nullpomino. I can't play this on my Chromebook, for example, because Java is not supported. You might be able to reach a greater audience with a Flash or HTML5-based port. Is this something you might consider down the road?
  9. Sadly, I do not have any intention to port it to Flash or Javascript/HTML. That effort would be truly monumental, and I know absolutely nothing about programming in Flash or Javascript.

    However, the Java applet is not the only way to play; if you download a build it will run on natively on your computer. And Java is still very much alive.

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