Your momma SOOOO bad at tetris

Thread in 'Discussion' started by kapat, 17 Nov 2007.

  1. kapat

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  2. your momma's so bad a tetris, when i told her to stick the long piece down the hole.... nevermind.
  3. Yo Momma's so bad at Tetris, she thinks the goal is to stack to the top as fast as possible.
  4. (Sweet, it's Don Patch.)

    Yo momma's so bad at Tetris, the first time she played it she brought a racket.
  5. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    O RLY?

    Vadim explains why.

    Yo momma's so bad at Tetris, she stopped playing it when she found the copy of SameGame installed into the same folder.

    No wait, that's my mother.
  6. Yo momma's so bad at Tetris she spent the whole time trying to make a word out of IJLOSTZ.
  7. you know the funny thing is that i have at least one friend who's mom is actually pretty good at tetris.
  8. MOM is good at Tetris >_>
  9. jujube

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    Yo momma's so bad at tetris she tried to complete vertical lines.

    Yo momma's so bad at tetris it took her A MINUTE AND FORTY-FIVE SECONDS to beat SINY with only I pieces and no garbage (nothing against SINY of course).
  10. A running rumor is that Jin8's mom can hit the torikan in TAP Death. Though I have no idea whether that's true.

  11. We should start examining DNA for the "Tetris Gene". [​IMG]
  12. Leffe

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    My mom is rather good at the old "Tetris for Windows". I remember when she worked at a newspaper, she used to stay over after work to play.

    The pity is that the score counter wraps at 32000 something (32768?), becoming -32768 counting down to zero, before wrapping again. This makes the highscorelist kind of screwed, so counting lines would probably be the best.

    Anyway it is kind of cool to watch her play, I get my butt handed back to me pretty fast in that game. It's not nearly as fast as 20G, but with the limited rules of rotation (only one direction) and the fact that you can't do basically any rotation tricks at all, it is a very annoying game. It is also a bit unforgiving, you don't have much time to play around with a piece touching the stack.
  13. My mom can get 500,000 points in A-Type on Game Boy Tetris. She refuses to play any other version, though, or to even play 2-player.
  14. che_lives

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    [​IMG] you guys are so funny!!!
  15. Muf


    My mom says she'd play Texmaster with me if she could see (she's blind). She really likes Texmaster's sounds and music (she hates the entry sounds in the official TGM series), and enjoys sitting next to me when I play.
  16. Zaphod77

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    Yo mammas so bad at tetris she can't even do infinite spin on tetris worlds!
  17. that's funny you said that because i remember this one guy on xbox live tetris worlds who always would curse and curse when his Z would lock up sometimes. i told him that if he used clockwise rotation too, it would fix that problem, and he told me tetris shouldn't be rocket science and that he should be able to rotate it.
  18. K


  19. johnberhenry

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    I don't do Yo Momma jokes, but still.

    Yo Momma so bad at Tetris, she did the secret grade pattern BACKWARDS!!!

    Now where did I put that video? I swear I've seen it on YouTube somewhere...

    Edit: punctuation typo fixed.
  20. Unless my memory is completely wrong, I think the game recognizes the mirrored secret grade pattern.

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