Youngest GM player?

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  1. i would like to know if anyone here knows who the youngest player to achieve grandmaster is...(normal mode on texmaster, tgm1, correct?)
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    Ghett0 :trollface:
  3. Hard stat to get. Quite a lot of people have GM and a lot of us were of a similar age when we did it. Out of western people my bet would be maybe Kevin, but I'd bet there was someone in asia who was younger.

    I was 17 (and seven months) old when I got it, but I'd be amazed if there wasn't someone else to do it younger.
  4. ghett0?
    im turning 16 soon, how old was kevin?
  5. I was 16 and a half when I got GM, Kevin and TWF did it before me and are younger so they beat me at least, but I'm pretty sure Tiffany is the youngest (both at the time and currently).
  6. how old is tiffany?
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  8. ^ Nom for post of the century
  9. so like, an age would be nice
  10. I was... 15 [​IMG]
  11. My birthday is June 22, 1993 and I did it on January 11, 2009.
  12. Kid who claimed to have skills equal to seasoned japanese players in regard to TGM. Faked videos to support this claim. His favorite sentence was probably "but i can prove it".

    Officially banned from TC "until puberty" (and that's still the best permaban reason :) ).
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  13. As a newer member (slash HD lolol) you'd probably know ghett0 by the moniker "Altimor"
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    Um, what's GM mean? Sorry for the noobishness...
  15. No need to apologize. :)

    GM stands for GrandMaster. It's the top award in the grading systems featured in Arika's Tetris: The Grand Master series.
  16. And also, there's different level of skill requirement for each game. TGM3 Gm is harder to get than TGM2 (also known as TAP due to its subtitle) Gm, which is itself harder to get than TGM1.
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    How I estimate the "difficulty to get GM" for each (mode masters) :

    TGM :  *
    TAP :  *************
    TI  :  ****************  
  18. By that scale, there must be a lot of other Tetris games that are zero stars. ?_?
  19. other games don't have gm w

    *well okay ACE does but who plays that :(
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    ACE doesn't have Gm, only "TM" (Tetris Master).

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