Would you go to a NYC arcade for TTGM?

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    this arcade is not only about Tetris. if i was a local Videogamer and i saw that triple threat of gaming A-listers i would be there in an instant. i would ask ciji for an autograph,
    can you just imagine for a sec??

    handwritten by the starsley3r herself, on a photo of her that i printed out. if thats not a collectors item for the ages, i dont know what is.
  2. sorry. didn't mean for my post to be taken so literal. if it helps replace everytime i said no one with not enough people to make tetris a priority if you want to have a profitable arcade. I do care about how it does and I try to check in with regulars/operators and the performance unfortunately isn't there and I'm not so sure the answer is as easy as making it free to play for awhile.

    and I talk shit about TGM to people that play TGM. you think i tell people that play casually that TGM is a horrible game and master is a waste of time and boring? hell no, I tell them that shit is dope and they should play it. i want TGM to succeed as much as anybody here. I played so many games of master mode while I was in LA and I hated it but dammit I was there and I was going to try to support it as much as I could and I'll do the same when i goto the SJSU arcade. shit i played the damn thing for like 3 days straight and not once did anybody else play and this was fri-sun. Puzzle Bobble got quite a bit of interest though.

    It is from my experience from trying to get people to play/showing them vids/hearing them comment on me playing that master mode for the most part is not exciting and they wish they could jump into shirase. Sorry if that doesn't match other people's experience or goes against what you love most about the TGM games.
  3. Will you pay 10 000 dollars to have 6 characters that will be available like six months later on DLC for consoles ? Not sure it's reasonnable.
    Also, what you need to make random people come to your place is bemanis.
    A couple of arcades have opened in france recently, and they all say the same thing: bemanis make people come, among with gun-shooting games and car-simulation games.
  4. oh yeah about Arcade UFO. it is the best success story cause the people that run it really love the game and so they're happy with however it does because it's just a bonus for them. IIRC poonage said straight up that the performance of TGM and interest in the series from their customers didn't justify getting TGM4 but they don't care because they want it for themselves. that is pretty much arcade UFO's MO so you got to consider their viewpoint of what constitutes a success.

    Ryan Harvey (foobar duck) has always been like I just wanted an arcade where I can play and I just want it to be able to sustain itself and I still have another regular job that I rely on for income.

    it probably is the most played tetris cab and i'm sure they are happy with it but i'd try to reach out to them to see if they would still consider it a good investment if they wanted the arcade to do more than break even.
  5. I hold no illusions about TGM being a big money maker. I do think it fleshes out an arcade a little bit and is a nice thing to have around, but I'd be seriously surprised if it were "the big draw." Seeing as TGM1 is relatively inexpensive, it'd probably be a good trial game.

    I don't know if I've told you this before, but it's harder to tell if you're just joshing on the internet than it is in person.

    Also, I'm surprised you saw many people playing Puzzle Bobble. I haven't seen anyone really playing it as of last semester. Eric pulled it and is going to put something else in. If SJSU has a "main puzzle game," it is probably Puzzle Fighter at the moment. Either way, I've seen more random play of TGM1 so far than I had of seen on Puzzle Bobble last semester, and TGM1 also has some 'core support going for it on top of that.

    Fair enough. I've really only seen that stance coming from you (and maybe orange I guess), so I kind of wrote it off at first. Maybe that is a bit less of an anomaly than I think it is.

    Alright, that's kind of surprising. I had thought that going for TGM4 signaled that TGM1 was at least performing well enough to justify the purchase -- that enough people were playing it, even if TGM4 wasn't going to be a huge money maker. Now I kind of want to see numbers. :/
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  6. yeah I'm probably wrong on that point. TGM had to have made it money back and more so I'm sure that has had added some confidence into getting TGM4 even if they had already planned on getting it.
  7. I have a full time job around the corner from the arcade. If the ttgm pcb is like 500 bucks total, i can put it in a cabinet for a month every 4 months and it'll get played. I can put it on free to get people into playing it. I want to have a couple puzzle games, and tetris makes sense.
  8. Come again? Master boring as shit?


    I disagree, and I'm sure many many many others do as well.
  9. BankBank, yes, I would definitely go! I live across the river in New Jersey. BTW Are there any arcades in NYC right now that have any TGM game?
    having been to arcades I can say button and joystick condition are the most important thing to increase repeat customers (my opinion). Make sure you make it easy for people to report problems with buttons so they can be fixed as soon as they are detected.

    $5.00 sounds very reasonable but I'm wondering how much foot traffic you would get, or how to let people look around before paying to get in, etc.
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    Did this ever get off the ground? If i go to http://bankbank.net I just see a static image that links to another static image.

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