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  1. so i play tgm 3 for two months now and i started playing on world rule for 3 weeks. I am already a qualified master S2 and i wanted to know if there is a better rule between classic and world.

    Thanks in advance for your responses!
  2. Great question! Hope you like to read. Ultimately, it comes down to preference. Mine is Classic.
    TGM and TAP both use Arika Rotation System, heavily based on Sega's rotation system for their original arcade game. In Japan, Sega was largely responsible for deploying Tetris in arcades, so their rotation style, colour scheme and direction tetrominoes spawn were dominant there. TI Classic uses ARS with modified floor kicks for I pieces so they rotate better on edges. This deviation from the first two games was made for quality of life.
    The biggest feature of how the rotation works is that the game determines how a piece can rotate based on a 3x3 grid and can kick into unusual holes as long as they fit. It's a bit hard to explain but you see it a lot in high ranked games.
    Most Japanese TGM players will prefer Classic mode because many of them grew up on it. Arika's rotation allows you to tuck pieces into unusual holes. The real reason many people prefer ARS is because you can move your piece after you perform a hard drop. This is faster than Super Rotation System because piece movement ends after a hard drop.
    World is based on the Tetris Company's Super Rotation System also with modified I kicks and was added at their behest, likely the condition for granting Arika the Tetris license for TI. On cabinets, rotation buttons 1-3 are reversed and the colour scheme matches those outlined in the Tetris Guideline. Once a piece lands on the bottom of the board, it remains highly maneuverable, giving players more time to decide where to put a piece. While it's nice to have more time to make decisions, it's easier to be slow because players are lured into taking time with placing their pieces. In Shirase, World players have tighter torikan requirements.
    In my opinion, the differences between the two lie in how fast you can play, and how hard it is to recover from mistakes. Classic allows players to play very fast, requiring greater mechanical skill and mastery of the rotation system, but also pushing players to be fast. If you make even a single mistake it can cost you lots of time, so clean stacking is extremely important. World allows players to play slower, but easier to recover from mistakes thanks to how much easier it is to move pieces.
    I am also of the opinion that playing Classic makes people better Tetris players overall, especially in games that use SRS.
    Whichever one you choose, achieving Grand Master is a tremendous accomplishment. Several players who completed GM in Classic have also reached Grand Master in World, including KevinDDR, greentea (also a decorated NES Tetris player), hebo_MAI, Kitaru, and Yoshi100_Aus.
  3. Ok, so i restarted playing in classic and i usually go To level 400. I reach 20g at level 300 and i Like the kicks that You can use in the Arika Rotation System cause i find them very intuitive to use, especially for the "T''

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