where to find a tgm pcb around kansai

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Crashdown, 28 Mar 2018.

  1. Hello everyone. I'm actually in Osaka until the 8th of april and i'm searching for a tgm pcb around the Kansai Area (maybe Tokyo but not recommanded, i didn't planned it yet). Do you know some places to buy it? I am mainly searching tgm1. Tgm2 is an option but not tgm3.

    And if you want to play with me, just PM me ;).

    Thank you for your help and ses ya!
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  3. Hm, I was going to say that for a while they were off-loading a ridiculous number of TGM1 ROMs for 3000 yen each but without a ZN-2 motherboard (so you would need to get one of the Capcom fighting games and swap software). However, they have TGM1 ZN-2 + ROM listed for 30,000 yen right now in their stock search (updated February 9th apparently) so apparently it's there after all. It's listed on their Yahoo Auctions account too. The address you linked on Maps is their new location and apparently you have to ring the doorbell to be let in (since I guess it's in a standard office building or something now?), but (as far as I could gather from machine translation of their blog) they are running regular store hours.

    MAK Japan sometimes has it listed, but it's not on their current stock list. The last price I have written is 19,000 for a ROM and 30,000 for a ZN-2 + ROM.

    Try is also in Akihabara if you want to take a look. Right now I think they only have Tetris Kiwamemichi listed, though.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think Tops Game operates a physical storefront; their office address seems like it's in a more residential area. But, if you want to order online, they often have the game listed (although sometimes at a bit of a price premium, it's a bit north of the G-Front and MAK at a price of 37,800 right now).

    Anyway, as you've kind of gathered, all the PCB shops we're most familiar with are in Kanto. :) But I'll see if I can find anything about stuff that may exist in Kansai, if any.

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