What's the Japanese TGM scene like these days?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by orz, 29 Mar 2014.

  1. orz


    Just wondering since iirc we have more people on this board in Japan now and because I don't speak Japanese and can't read the handful of TGM-related blogs out there. What are people playing/doing/whatever?
  2. That's a good question!

    I think nicofromtokyo is closer to Twitter than I am, so he's likely to give a more accurate answer, but I think it's safe to say they're still in there. Every three weeks or so a good chunk of the best have that meetup called The Masters in which the player is declared winner according to time from personal best (with occasional handicaps). The last one was actually the 70th edition and went smoothly, having a special gift from Arika, if I recall correctly.

    The thing is, many people are still playing TGM1 and kind of stopped giving the other games serious competition, from what I personally witnessed. I can see one guy aiming at TGM3 GM (and TGM2 GM recently), but no one else really.
  3. orz


    I wonder if TGM1 has been getting increased competition because of people being bored with the newer modes. TGM1 is definitely more interesting to me than TAP/Ti master mode. I'm curious what people in the arcade scene would want from a new TGM game.
  4. Rainbows and anime titties.
  5. Yeah, exactly :D . In any case it did go towards the quicker versions of the game, with more controlled piece distribution, and some people actually played it. I think you will get a lot of purists (not intended as a bad word) who will stick to TGM1 because the game has a certain interesting difficulty and a certain feel to it that feels just right (to me at least)
  6. Muf


    Online rankings, matchmaking and, of course: online versus doubles. :awe:
  7. Did you think about anime gurls?


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