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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Muf, 8 Oct 2009.

  1. Muf


    ...The first thing that ran through your mind when you first saw an arcade joystick or bought your own?

    Mine was: "Oh wow, so nice, so clicky... Daaamn the buttons are huuge! :sowsuser:"
  2. "oh my god this thing is enormous"

    ("that's what she said" hurr durr)
  3. We don't have arcades where I live, although I do have a faint memory of seeing a Street Fighter II arcade machine in a video renting store when I was maybe 10 years old.
    Other than that the only stick I've seen is my own. (FS3..)

    But it was about the same thought as the above poster. ("that thing is HUGE..")
  4. when i got mine I was like "omg, it's perfect" and squealed like a little girl.


    (then I realized the kirby images on top and bottom got clipped off. Boo....)
  5. So, when I unpacked my VSHG, that was something like:
    - That's heavy !
    - Shinyyyyy !
  6. My thoughts were more like "and these things are supposed to be better than a good console controller?"

    Glad I gave them a shot! They're not superior for everything ever but there's a huge range of gaming where they are now my preferred input device.
  7. "Jesus, I could easily kill a baby with this thing"
  8. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    When it was inside an arcade cabinet, which was the first time I ever saw one,...
    And when I got my own...
  9. Upon obtaining my HRAP3, it was not the size that surprized me (as I already had a crap X-Arcade Dual Joystick, which is even bigger), but the sensitivity of the buttons and stick. Initially it felt so sensitive to me as to be unusable, but since then I've fully adjusted. Now I can't stand using my X-Arcade, and need to sell it off or something.
  10. Ai


    Initially I too was surprised how big the HRAP3 is. I even started thinking that it included a PS3. ^^ Only thing I hate is that I need to open up the whole thing when I want to change the restrictor from 4-way to 8-way. Lately I just keep it on 4-way. Last time it was set on 8-way was when SFIV was released.

    Nice faceplate DDRKirby(ISQ).
  11. You're willing to inflict something like that onto someone else? D:

    I'd rather someone sold me AIDS :awe:

    I'll probably use this for shmups for now. I'll do some stick practice some other time, because I don't feel like rotating the restrictor every day.
  13. I didn't really like the stick at first but now I can't play with anything other than a stick to save my life. I'm still okay in SRS with keyboard though, I guess.
  14. my first stick as a street fighter anniversary collection stick and when i first got it I was like, I really should have sprang for happ parts... and then when I got happ parts and I did the mod I was like, I really should have bough the right tools for the job cause my fingers hurt! and then when i got my first sanwa stick I was like this is a little bit of all right.
  15. Muf


    Happ D:
  16. He said he got sanwa later, though :D
  17. that was back when i was getting into street fighter and back then there was a guy that used to work for nubytech that bought out all their stock and was selling the sticks for like 30 bucks each so for like 60 bucks and a little mod work (which didn't involve any soldering!) you could have a full happ stick compatible for xbox and ps2. Also back then all the arcades had happ parts anyways so it wasn't a big deal.
  18. m:)


    "i'm never gonna save the princess."

    i'll never forget flopping that quarter into donkey kong.

    I was a teenager in the arcade generation. Used to spend some serious $$$. I remember when I got my NES, and I was thinking "home consoles are finally getting close to the arcade, but wow.. still a long way to go"

    I never did get good at saving that particular princess :'(

    now that I got my own, my first thoughts we're "damn i gotta gut this thing before it's any good"

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