What tetris games can be maxed-out?

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  1. I was wondering if someone could tell me a few version's of Tetris that are realistic to max-out.

    Also when did the point system become less popular, did it start around the 64 releases?

    - Jono
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    Off the top of my head, the only ones I can think of are the original Tetris on Gameboy and NES, Tetris DX and various modes in Tetris worlds. I'm sure several of the flash versions online can be maxed, but I can't think of anyone that would have the patience to play those for so long.

    Also, I used to play Tetris in elementary school, and the first time I heard people telling me to go for lines was around 4th-5th grade (98-00 or so) so you're probably right about it being during the N64 versions of Tetris. It seems almost universal today that the average person would rather go for lines.
  3. Forgot about Dx, Thanks.

    Those versions you mentioned im pretty familar with and I agree about the online version, they are boring as hell.

    As for tetris worlds, which varient can you get points in? I thought it only really went by time and lines, but then again I dont play it to much.

    The only max out games I can think of at the momment are:

    - NES Tetris

    - GB Tetris

    - Tetris DX

    - Super Tetris 3

    - Tengen Tetris? (Not to sure)

    There has to be alot more than this, so if anyone knows that would help out. Im looking for versions similar to super tetris 3.


    - Jono
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    .............and Tetris 64, but I dont know if thats possible.

    - Jono
  5. Super Tetris 2 is maxable. I've heard people have maxed Sega's original arcade version of Tetris. Also Atari's arcade version. Don't know about Tengen Tetris. Tetris DS is easily maxable due to the inifinite point glitch. Tetris & Dr. Mario can probably be done but I'm not sure if someone's done it.

    I've personally done TDX, ST2, and ST3. None of them were that hard, though TDX was the most time consuming.

    Definitely not maxable:

    Sega Tetris (the newer one)

    All TGM games

    Should be maxable:

    Tetris 4D

    Superlite 1500 Series: The Tetris

    and Tetris X if it has an endless mode (it's been to long since I played it, sorry)
  6. Super Tetris 2, sounds good. Sega tetris I have never played, but I will have to track it down soon, im hearing alot about it. I also think that Tetris & Dr. Mario is 99.% non-maxable as the the score does not increase after level 9, and the game pretty much is unplayable after level 29. I think the max score with continous tetris's through out the whole game would be around 800,000 - 900,000, and getting non stop tetris's is highly improbable. I have to check out atari arcade and tengen tetris, have'nt played them in ages.

    Thanks heaps

    - Jono

    P.S Does anyone know where I can get hold of a rom for The New Tetris Or Tetris 64?
  7. Ok, I just checked the Arcadia high score and the endless mode from Tetris Plus 2 has also been maxed. Tetris Kiwamemichi definitely is not maxable.

    And you don't need to check up on Atari Tetris... It was maxed at my local arcade. [​IMG] Not by me though, I can't stand that version.

    And also, how would Tetris & Dr. Mario be any more difficult than NES Tetris? Unless there's a major difference between them that I haven't noticed.
  8. A max out on the actual arcade is pretty impressive, I have played that version through an emulator and I agree it is pretty bad.

    As for the diffrence in NES Tetris apose to Dr. Mario & Tetris is as I metioned before in the NES Tetris ponits for Tetris's continue to increase through out the whole game acording to level (level 18 = 22,800), where as in Dr. Mario & Tetris you will never get greater than 12,000 per tetris, it makes the game seriously harder to get a max-out, I could'nt see it happening.

    - Jono
  9. Ok, Atari tetris. If the score at your local arcade was 999,999 I find that almost imposible to believe, I was playing it non stop the other day and I just had a feeling the score was going to roll over after 999,999, and it did. After my score reset to 0 the score started to go weird, they jumped a few hundred thousand after droping about 5 pieces? This only lasted a couple of seconds then the scoring system went back normal. I ended up with about 800 lins and about 8000 points. I was quite disappointed.

    I think thats the last I will be seeing of Atari Tetris [​IMG]

    - Jono
  10. Might be hard to believe but I'm honest. I definitely saw a maxed counter in the charts. In fact, there wasn't a spot left unmaxed. [​IMG]

    Maybe my memory has failed me and they were actually near-maxes. It's been 2 years now that the machine was put out of rotation.
  11. Im not sure what to say.

    I beleive you, its just when I was near to a max-out I was taking a screen shot every time I droped a piece, and the closest I got was 999,801 before it rolled over.

    It must of just been really well timed or the last digit might not of been a 9.

    Also I was wondering do you find Super Tetris 2 harder to max out than Super Tetris 3?

    And how in the hell do you know about all these wierd versions of Tetris? some of the ones you metioned I can't even get screen shots of let alone download or buy them. Its crazy.

    Do you have any of them as a rom? If so I would be very intrested.

    Thanks for the contribution with the max-out list aswell.

    - Jono
  12. I came accross many of them while I was trying to buy myself TGM2+. I kept notes of all the versions I saw, adding gradually over a period of more than a year. It sort of built up quite a bit.

    I saved pictures of most things... I just have to find some time to flesh out the wiki.


    I don't really have anything "exotic" that I didn't buy myself. Mostly these are CD-ROM and GD-ROM based games... And I don't have them with me so I can't really share.
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    I'm trying to max endless in Tetris DS. I really hope that the score tilts at 99 999 999. Otherwise it will take 50 days... -_-
  14. mat


    the atari arcade machine is easily maxed as you are allowed to insert another coin and continue playing after you top out. it also resets the speed every time you do that... so, yes, it is really really difficult to do in a "real" game, but you can patiently continue chipping away at the score for as long as you want... i was at the boardwalk arcade in santa cruz for an hour and a half trying to figure out how in the world someone could have gotten ten times what i thought was a rather decent score... then i put in another quarter--"ahah!"

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  16. Stan64

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  17. Nice!

    Good job.

    - Jono
  18. I confirmed over easter that Tetris X and The Tetris are maxable, btw.

    I mean, I didn't actually max them, but they both reach a top speed and go on forever.

  19. When does it actually max out, at level 999 or at score 99.999.999?

    I want to know so i can die just before it maxes out, to save my score.

    I'm at level 300, with 7.8 million score so far. i think i'll kill myself around 10 million for now. I have visitors coming over and want to play some multiplay games, so i can't let it stay at stand by ...
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    Tetris Plus is also maxable, dont know why I did'nt think of it sooner. I got close to maxing it recently with a score of 960,000.

    Stan64 not that I have a DS yet, but I was wondering how long did it take you to max-out Tetris DS?

    - Jono

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