What part of the playscreen are you looking at while playing ?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by cyberguile, 12 Oct 2013.

  1. Started to play a different way after I realised it helped me being MUCH faster and improving my invisible play skills.

    I used to play with my eyes permanently jumping from the playfield to the next tetromino field when I suddenly realised last week that those short eyes moves might very well make me loose a lot of time.

    So I started to play focusing only on the next tetromino field and doing, surprisingly... not so bad ! It's still very hard to focus and get my eyes not moving everywhere and, of course, I need to watch the playfield again when I misdrop or do big mistakes but I really feel like I can push up the speed to a level I couldn't imagine before.

    Anyone here playing this way ?
  2. i tend to focus on the play field exclusively and just use my peripheral vision to see the next piece. it has never been a big issue for me to see both i guess. i know some of the guys are starting to play with no next box as a challenge- not sure if it is for practice or for fun though. i can't imagine it being really useful training.
  3. I use the peripheral vision as well, but since I was playing on windows mode and I'm getting to play on arcade machines, it so happens that I misread the next piece, which can be quite a bad surprise.

    I guess I should start looking at the next piece for invisible to try it out.
  4. I started to play this way when I realised that using peripheral vision for the playfield might very well help for the invisible section
  5. I only play NEStris currently but I use peripheral vision for the Next piece. Interestingly I don't focus on the play-field directly but in a more general sense - like when driving a car. I think that focusing in intensely actually detracts from my play.

    This is one area where I think a smaller screen size really gives an advantage. I tried playing on my big wall-mounted television for a while and it was nigh-unplayable because the screen was just too large to take in visually.
  6. Usually it's looking at the playfield and using peripheral vision for next piece.

    However when I'm trying to force myself to go blazingly fast in shirase I'll focus on the piece previews (more useful here because there are 3).

    Another thing to note, looking directly at the piece previews really really seems to help with the grandma [] blocks. Not that i'm really qualified to speak about them, but that's my experience anyways.
  7. I'm with you for the last paragraph. When the [] part begins I think this is appropriate from a theoretical and an experimental point of view to do what you are saying.
  8. K


    It depend of the version i play :
    TGM and TAP, look only at the stack and NEVER on the top screen : "blurryy" color information of the next tetramino is enough
    TI, mix of "3 next pieces" and stack field with rapid eye movement but tend to be more on the "3 Next pieces" once it become faster and of course ancestor block
  9. K


    exactly in TAP and TGM i use "peripherical vision for next". the color information is enough
  10. That's what I thought ^^
    Until I broke my average of ten games by 12 seconds just by playing one week using peripherical vision on the playscreen (not to mention the "small" improvement on m-roll :p )

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