What is bemaniso.ws?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Tiago Dutra, 17 Mar 2011.

  1. I'm curious because there's a smilie here ":sowsuser:" that shows "Bemaniso.ws User" as caption
    I tried to google it but t just redrcts me to a black page with a login space
    So here's the questions:

    1 - What is bemaniso.ws?
    2 - Why it is included on the smilies on this site?
    3 - Why it looks like a WTF!? + Awesome?

    If this is ilegal to question please lock or delete this topic
    It is just for curiosity:p

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  2. It's a sort of underground torrent site and community. You can only get in with invites, and you have to keep your seeding ratio up, which can be a little tricky.

    The smiley probably comes from there.
  3. Muf


  4. Well, thanks for clarification.
    Now 2 questions left!

    LOLed with the image!:D
  5. 2. Why not? It's fun to use. :V
    3. People were using :awe: incorrectly (i.e. not being sarcastic about the supposed awesomeness of something), so some variations were made. One was redrawn to look legitimately happy, and :sowsuser: was made by flipping the mouth vertically and dotting the eyes pointing opposite directions. The name is poking fun at the supposed level of intellect and general attitude of the site's own userbase, haha.
  6. sssvolt

    sssvolt Unregistered

    can i get invite
  7. make sure you grab it sooner rather than later, it expires in 24 hours. cheers.

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