What do i need to play TGM3 for real?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Bobby Stackwell, 12 Aug 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I would like to apologize because this is a technical question, and i maybe I should ask it on a dedicated arcade forum, but if anybody can help, i would be extremely grateful

    i would like to know what I would need to play the real TGM3, ideally on a standard CRT TV set (or a CRT PC monitor), and with my playstation 2 controller (an all Sanwa HRAP).

    I was thinking about getting some kind of Supergun, but can someone tell me if this is feasable at all?

    Of course, i would love to get a real arcade cabinet but there is no room at my place... so this option is ruled out for the moment :(

    I know i need the Taito type X motherboard and the TGM3 hard drive, but is there a Supergun out there capable of running the game, and on a standard TV? (i know the game is 640*480 in resolution, can a standard CRT TV handle it through scart?)

    I don't even know if i can plug a PS2 controller on a supergun...

    Is there something else that i should be aware of? (except the power supply for the supergun)

    thanks a lot!!!
  2. Muf


    The Type-X outputs bog standard VGA 640x480 60Hz, so any CRT PC monitor will do. It also has normal line-out just like a normal PC. That's video and audio sorted.

    That just leaves controls, and this is where it gets a bit complicated. Most modern arcade systems use JVS, a type of serial interface. What I would recommend is to take a JVS I/O board and build it into a project box with two D-sub connections for the joysticks and buttons (one per player). Then gut the PS2 innards of your HRAP, and build in a D-Sub connector as well. You then have an easy way to connect your HRAP (and a second one for player 2 in the future) to the JVS control board, which connects to the Type-X. If you want to retain PS2/USB functionality, I would recommend a Multi-Console Cthulhu. You can also build that into a project box and connect it in the same way. That way, if you want to play a JVS game, you can connect the HRAP to the JVS box, and if you want to play on your PC or console, you can connect to the Cthulhu box. If you pick a standard pinout for the D-sub connectors, you'll even be able to simply buy a supergun that uses the same pinout and connect it in exactly the same way.

    For more info on arcade systems and superguns, refer to my earlier tepplesian post here.
  3. Hey, thanks for the information mufunyo!

    Never heard of the Cthulhu box before, seems nice!
    I must admit that it's a bit more complicated than i thought but i'll look into it when getting a Supergun.

    I wonder if the line out is amplified on the Type-X is amplified or not? I'll have to check that too...
  4. I've hooked up my TypeX's line out to an iPod radio thing before and it works fine, so I assume that means it's what you expect.
  5. Muf


    It's an auto-sensing headphone/line-out port. So it's not amplified.
  6. thanks again for the answers guys.

    OK, so it's a standard mini-jack line-out, it's still pretty nice.

    I've been wandering over some sites that sell candy cabs, and this one caught my attention:

    For now i can't afford to buy an arcade cab (well even if i could, i don't have enough room and i live on the 4th floor with no elevator), but what do you guys think, just for my information, is any of those able to "run" TGM3?
    As far as i get it, the cab must have a 31khz compatible monitor, but apart from that?
    Of course i'm aiming at the less expensive ones...
  7. Muf


    They can all run the game, provided you have a JVS to JAMMA board and use the 15Khz output port (which is flickery because it's 480i). However, some cabinets have native JVS (Blast City, (New) Net City), and some of those are native 31KHz or even sport a tri-sync chassis. As far as I know Blast Cities are dual sync 15/25KHz, and Net Cities are 31KHz only (but I might be wrong-- could also be they're tri-sync; 15/25/31KHz). Astro and New Astro are 15KHz only afaik (and JAMMA only).

    If you have further questions that go beyond my technical knowledge (I don't own any cabs myself due to not having space for them), I recommend registering on Arcade Otaku and asking there.
  8. OK! Again many thanks for all this information!
    I'll probably end up registering on Arcade Otaku but i must resist for now and try the super gun alternative before i go bankrupt and selling my bed to get the cab instead ;)
  9. The site Stackwell linked claims Blast, Net, and New Net Cities are all try sync. But, it also claims Astro and New Astro are dual sync... I'm pretty sure that's wrong so I don't know. :colbert:
  10. Seems you're right coulour_thief... i'm puzzled now, I don't know what to think.
    I will look into this.
    I am thinking about keeping my money for now, and later buy a nice candy cab when i'll move, the supergun alternative is just too complicated for me :(

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