Welcome to CARNIVAL OF DEATH 2012

Thread in 'Discussion' started by cyberguile, 25 Mar 2012.

  1. I've been waiting for this for 51 weeks and since nobody seems to be there to create the sub-forum, here I come !

    "No mercy !"


    "No prisonner !"

    "Ahouuu !"

    "Earn those Joysticks boys !"

    "Ahouuu Ahouuu Ahouuu !"

    Welcome to this year's Carnival of Death, tetrisconcept's annual celebration of that most brutal of modes. For one week a year, starting on the date of the torikan -- 3/25 -- it is our tradition to play nothing but Death Mode; to show no mercy; to manual lock until our fingers bleed. Please join us, and let us see if some records can be broken!

    Aut Vincere Aut More

    PS: sorry for the copy/paste, but as you know, I'm not fluent in english ^^
  2. There's one thing that's always bugged me about this. Shouldn't the carnival end on 3/25?
  3. Muf


    When should it start then?
  4. Whoo! Almost forgot this year...
  5. lol i totally forgot about this

    i still haven't gotten another M since my first one
  6. Muf


    Aaand it's over again! Thank you all who participated! :D

    The forum will spit out its threads into the regular forums and subsequently submerge once again, only to rise the next year...

    In death we will meet again!
  7. Crap, I missed out on the carnival this year.. Totally forgot about it. :facepalm:

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