We who are about to die salute you!

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Are you ready?

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  1. CARNAGE like clockwork
    The DARK time has come
    Prepare yourself to DIE

    Senseless DESTRUCTION
    We're numb to your PAIN
    Oh DEATH we hear your cry

    We offer MORTALITY
    And show no DESPAIR
    That we may DIE once more

    Through DEATH we will grow
    In DEATH we're bestowed
    A quicker DEATH, a harder DEATH, than ever before
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  2. Welcome to the CARNIVAL OF DEATH!

    We celebrate 3/25, the torikan date, the best way we can... By playing the ever living crap out of DEATH MODE for a week. I encourage you to aim for a personal best, but even if it doesn't come add your carnival best to the DEATH TOLL and watch the carnage grow.

    Have fun with the carnival and good luck!
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