Upgraded to phpbb3: suggestions, complaints, logo?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 25 Jun 2008.

  1. If anyone wants to contribute some TC artwork (something in the gist of "tetrisconcept.com"), you're welcome to post it here. Keep it 52px high, though.

    In order of my subjective view of how important they are:
    • Forum rules look bad.
    • Broken images that only work in Firefox
    • Code box size limitation
    • "Saving" posts is confusing
    • Sluggish performance on older browsers and maybe on Opera
    Keep in mind when looking for new skin:
    • Needs a cleaner look.
    • Too much whitespace
    • Topic icons look bad
    • Topic details (such as the name and date) looks cluttered
    • Username on left side
  2. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    The forum rules at the top of the page combined with the bright theme makes it much harder to view the forum than the old skin was.
  3. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    thanks for the additions caffeine. still looking around, there are subtle changes everywhere.

    i like the replays subforum, the option to save a post in progress, the quote box appearance, and the code box "select all" option to name a few.

    could the code box size limitation be removed? it's a little annoying that when you're scrolling down a page with the mouse wheel you'll get stuck scrolling through a code box. also, it would be nice to see everything in the box without having to scroll or drag. what does everyone else think?
  4. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    I loved the way the old record threads looked with the code boxes.
  5. My main concern is the general sensory overload. Stuff like:
    • Rules on top of every page.
    • Topic authors cluttering the space between topics names.
    • Unnecessarily high detail topic icons. It's very subjective, but I find them ugly.
    • Weird buttons on every post eg. "warn user" and "report this post". These feaures really aren't necessary unless there's hundreds of posts per day.
    • Avatars etc. being displayed to the right of posts.
    • Consecutive posts have the same background colour, instead of alternating colours.
    And I agree, monolithic codeboxes made for awesome leaderboards.
  6. I agree that having the big ol' forum rules at the top of every page of this General Discussion forum is distracting. Might there be a way to have them drop down when you mouse over? If not, I say just go back to a sticky topic.
  7. Well, there is a difference in the backgrounds, but it is so extremely subtle that it barely makes a difference.
  8. Any limits on width or file format?
  9. Muf


    So I wanted to moan about postbits being on the right side, and right as I wanted to hit "Submit", i apparently accidentally hit "Save" instead, and it gets me to some "save draft" confirmation page. So I hit back, and my post's gone from the edit field. [​IMG] Caffeine, this stuff sucks.
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    "Friends & Foes" [​IMG]

    it's like there are easter eggs all over this place.

    and this is pretty cool:
  11. Muf



    Broken images [​IMG]
  12. Don't worry, he's emailed himself about those broken images already. [​IMG]
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    it looks ok in firefox:
  14. I agree with everything CT said..
  15. Here's my take at a logo. Uses some block graphics that mufunyo made from scratch a few months ago, heavily resized down.

  16. Seems to be *extremely* sluggish in MSIE v6.0, even pages that have been immediately previously visted (i.e. should be cached).

    (Edit) P.S. Although it seems to *really scream* when browsing using my archaic Netscape v4.73 [​IMG] (the older version of the forum software caused NS v4.73 to completely lock up).)
  17. Muf


    Interesting, Rich. It's actually faster than phpBB2 on IE7 here. Shame you can't try that browser cause it isn't developed for 9x anymore.
  18. I swear it's a little slower for me with my Windows XP PC running Opera 9.5.
  19. I think there's too much whitespace and not enough focus on the post content. Or maybe that's because the post author are displayed on the right contrary to the usual left. But then that's a skin issue and I don't think any of us are l33t themer.

    The forum rules at the top of the page feel a little oppressive. A little sentence at the end like "Anyway... have fun !" would be more sympathetic to the newbee. Ideally it would be in a green background [​IMG]
  20. Muf


    I wouldn't call myself l33t but I've done themes before, including for phpBB. No idea how the phpBB3 theme engine works though.

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