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Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 4 Mar 2009.

  1. I don't have time to explore it just yet. I see a "Tetris Battle 2P," but I'm sure that's just the asynchronous thingmajig.
  2. ok so i signed up and checked it out, from what i can tell:

    you earn tokens by playing games or doing an achievement, which can be used to unlock stuff.

    only singleplayer is available right now, you get marathon mode and sprint mode for signing up , along with 500 tokens to unlock either different art for your pieces or another game mode.

    the singleplayer modes are identical to the ones on Facebook, DAS is not customizable and line clear delay feels the same as facebook.

    the site looks well made, the leaderboard is much better looking than facebooks.

    facebook scores were not transferred over

    game is in flash
  3. TC_ prefix to all our usernames people?

    So far seems to still be a case of mutton dressed as lamb. Shiny site, but crappy gameplay and the DAS is still slow as fuck.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    YES, YES, YES. Just placing an emphasis on this so people won't pass over it. [​IMG]

    We need to advertise wherever possible!
  5. Hello internet! I signed up with the nickname TC_Meroigo. [​IMG]
  6. Reveillark

    Reveillark Unregistered

    oh, sweet. but somehow i feel too young to fly under the TC banner [​IMG]
  7. Young as in time spent here, or young as in age?

    Not that it matters. I wouldn't say either were good enough reasons to not have the TC banner.
  8. TC_Corrosive

    the avatars are so pimp.
  9. TC_TWF.

    I can't decide what avatar to take aiuieucgdghdiud
  10. TC_Burbruee here, just signed up.

    Can you change the keyboard controls? Or do I have to use a stick and xpadder/joy2key for that?
  11. Press Esc or P during a game and click somewhere there to change the controls.
  12. I signed up and played a game, but every couple minutes my piece would freeze for a few seconds and then suddenly there were a few pieces that had all locked down on me. Is it Internet lag or something wrong with my computer? Also, is there really no way to rotate counterclockwise?
  13. Try Z or X instead of up, I thought the same at first.
  14. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    you can change the controls and rotate both ways.. checkout wiiji to use your wiimote to play, it will do keystrokes.
    on my mac it crashes safari after every other game. I haven't tried it with firefox yet.

    being the non conformist I am I used tc_m. it's bad bad to be playing tetris at the office tho.. i prolly shouldn't get in the habit of doing that. good thing using the keyboard for tetris tweaks out my shoulder.
  15. TC_PetitPrince, of course

    Happens now and then. *Very* annoying.
  16. Ai


    TC_Ai will be created in a few moments!

    I honestly didn't play the Facebook version all that much. I never really got used to the slow DAS. Hopefully I'll be more active here. ^^
  17. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    some Japanese Tetris DS players go by the prefix TCM- (tetris chicken master) in response to all of the TGM- and TC- players.

    edit: i signed up as TC_jujube.
  18. They don't like my name [​IMG]

    edit: regged as TC_AA733
  19. I think I just saw TC_PetitPrince online in two VS 5 games. [​IMG]
  20. I played a few. TC_rednefed. Slow DAS makes me unhappy when the gravity gets past 1G.
    I like how one of the unlockable textures has an ARS-like block surface, but playing that will likely screw me up when I do some ACE-ARS2'ing in Heboris.

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