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    What needs to be done:

    [x] Make a fresh export of the TC Wiki
    [x] Set the TC Wiki to read-only
    [x] Clear the TetrisWiki.com Tetris.wiki database and do a reimport of the last export from TC
    [ ] Make Tetris.wiki look prettier and less work-in-progress
    [ ] Merge changes from Hard Drop
    [ ] Merge changes from Wikia
    [x] Redirect TC wiki to Tetris.wiki
    [ ] Change front page name of the Wikia to something less search engine friendly
    [ ] Gradually start changing Wikia pages to redirect to the Wikia front page
    [ ] Change the front page of the Wikia to a "has moved" notice
    [ ] Convince Hard Drop to redirect their wiki to Tetris.wiki
    [ ] Other ways of forcing Wikia into obsolescence?


    Q: Why move the wiki?
    A: There are three wikis in various stages of rot and divergence. Googling "Tetris wiki" brings them all up, and they're mostly identical aside from the aforementioned rot and divergence. It's confusing and a thorn in the eyes of the Tetris community.
    Q: Why not keep the wiki on TC, where it originated?
    A: TC is run by pirates who stole the site and its members from Caffeine who wanted to put the site to a premature end. Cue drama and hostility, so a neutral site is needed.
    Q: Who owns Tetris.wiki?
    A: Myndzi owns and hosts Tetris.wiki, he is considered a neutral party by all who care about such things.
    Q: What's wrong with Wikia?
    A: It's not maintained, infested with ads, and has no ties with any part of the Tetris community.
    Q: Can't the founder of the Wikia close it?
    A: No, Caffeine tried and Wikia is only interested in running ads on its "borrowed" content. They have no incentive to close a Wikia site, and they don't care even if an entire community consents to closure. Others went before us and failed: WoWWiki, TFWiki.
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  2. You might already be planning this, but if not, I'd advise that you make sure each page on the TC wiki correctly 301s to the individual corresponding page on tetriswiki. There's a LOT of page ranking that would go down the trash if you just redirect to the front page. Honestly, the TC wiki is really how I found out about Tetrisconcept in the first place.
  3. Muf


    So the first three items are checked, now it's time for the real work to start! Calling any and all volunteers to merge the HD changes to Tetris.wiki, and Wikia contributions (if any).

    Yeah that's what I meant initially. Since we have https now I'll be waiting until Myndzi implements Let's Encrypt over on Tetris.wiki as well so we don't lose any of the extra site rank gained from the switch to https. Redirect is now set up.
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