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Thread in 'Strategy' started by K, 8 Feb 2011.

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  2. Amnesia

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    The probability to get this situation :

    "ah ! I see you have a T coming, please give me this I need one just here.."

    is quite low.

    In your wiki you don't talk about the case where you really have a fucking shit tetrimino coming (because there are only 7 rows so it is a pain to keep flat and stable our field), and ask authorisation to your partenair to place it in his field.
    Announcing that you will give your tetrimino to him in clairly speaking like :

    - I am coming with my I !!
    - Shut the hell up !!

    was really well working for us.
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    Do you have any idea what would be a realistic time to aim for with this strategy? It doesn't look like sub 3 minutes is possible in this mode when looking at the current top times.
  4. It's got to be possible. Each player is only filling a 7x20 well instead of a 10x20. Considering top Master mode players can do 0-300 in 2:35, breaking 3 minutes is definitely possible. That's not to say it's easy :p
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    It's probably a matter of finding the right partner to play with on a regular basis and using a basic strategy like the one described by jago and strictly follow it. Amnesia and jago might be able do it. ^^
  6. If Kevin ends up at my university we'll try hard to smash the record.
  7. K


    = "T", "Orange", "Square", the piece you need can be resume by only 1 word. like any SQL QUERY for a distant server, the result is asynchronous, if you don't need it anymore just abort it a specific word like "cancel".

    So it happen. But the concept of asking for something instead of receiving something you don't want is more secure. In other word, i don't want you putting your shit in my side like "it was evident, didn't you felt it ?, not my fault if we died.."

    you suck, we die. read it again :
    Ne placer une pièce chez votre partenaire que si celui-ci vous le demande explicitement
    (Put a piece on partner side only if he request it)

    Shut the hell up !! here is a good place to place your I and work your stacking efficiency at your floating border.
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    No you suck jago, I don't accept this dogme, we proved that it is quite acceptable to say "watch out I put my I on your hole"..

    Or maybe you wish that we all play like SAL and be able to complete the BIG MODE at 999..
    Personnaly, I think I have a good sub 20G stacking ( I wanted to say "the best of the western world after you, but that was too pretencious), and I CAN'T play 300 level without fucking up my 7x20 stack.
    We will do a lot of "premedited" and "safe" holes and that will lead to a total mess on the field and in our brain.
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    -Mets-là moi comme ça!
    -Mais non!!
    (s'ensuit une scène de dispute)
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    You CAN sometimes get away with placing pieces on the other person's side without asking, but you have to know if you are taking the spot he wants HIS piece.

    Sometimes, it's obvious. He's got an I, yet his side of the field isn't filled up for the tetris. You have a piece that will fix his side. In this case, i'd soft drop the piece about 6-10 lines, then zip it over to the spot to finish setting up the tetris for him. Of course, he might sonic drop his piece first, so you need to have a backup plan, but that's why you did a partial soft drop. A alert partner will recognize that as a sign for "i've got a piece i'm pretty sure you want on your side, hold up and let me place it" Of course this only works at low gravity.

    Another other obvious case is if the stack is getting high, and you've got an I and he doesn't. In this case you do know your placement won't mess him up, so you can safely send the I to the other side. If he DOES have the I, then it's better to let him place it.

    Other times it's not so obvious. Your piece may screw up his placement, and he might not have a good alternative. Clearly zipping yours over will cause trouble then, and make the other player angry. And just because you see a good place to put the other piece doesn't mean your partner sees it.
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I hope I won't be the only one who work jago..I planed to practice 2 x 1,5 hours this evening and tomorow.
    The world record is 3:22, we will have to be very fluky if we want to approach that time.
    If don't finish this week end without a sub 3:35, I will be very disapointed.
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    I will not play double with you. If you come for that, just cancel the trip. Give me your adress for refund transfer.

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