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Thread in 'Hardware' started by invzim, 21 Sep 2010.

  1. Hi all, new to this forum - just started playing TI on my naomi and absolutely love it. Only played just over 100 credits, but have managed to clear easy with 202 hanabi(?) and got to "class 4" on master. Looked at the wiki, but possibly not the whole thing yet.

    Joysticks - during the end credits, accidentally pointing the joystick down is disastrous, anyone use 4way restrictor plates to get better precision? I use Seimutsu LS-32 and think these are the best for the game.

    Dropping pieces - because of the delay after you drop the piece (joy up), I found this mostly useless. Is the trick to up/down for speedy drop?
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    Locking during 20G is something that will require skill. Until you're ready to do that just letting it lock naturally is okay.

    With practice you'll be able to drop-lock very quickly. Until then, if you are in a safe position and want to try something cool, see if you can do this action with a circular joystick motion.

    When possible place pieces by this action, which we call a Zangi move.
  3. Always use a 4-way restrictor for playing falling-block games, TGM especially. I played Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo on an Astro City at California Extreme; the 8-way restrictor made me want to punch a hole in the cab.

    The 4-way that comes with the LS-32(-01) is a clover-shaped gate. While most prefer the diamond 4-way gates on Sanwas, I (at the risk of getting ridiculed the same way a euroshmup fan gets ridiculed on a certain other forum) prefer the clover gates myself, since they disable diagonal inputs altogether; I don't have that big of a problem sliding the stick to an adjacent direction.

    I take it you're very new to TGM, seeing as you're not familiar with things like using 4-way sticks and firm drop yet. Welcome to TGM! It's by far the most popular Tetris sub-series on here, and for very good reasons.
  4. I congratulate the OP for stepping up and playing a manly game. May your sperm be potent and bountiful and may you sire many offspring.
  5. Thanks for great answers! Fitted a 4-way restrictor plate and things immediately got a lot easier - jumped to 256 hanabis on easy on first try :)

    Hard-drops, which I guess is called drop&lock(?) also got easier, but I mainly use this on the beginning when the pieces are falling boringly slow.

    Now on to getting 3-4 combos in a consistent manner. This is the first game in years that I can easily sink several hours into in a single sitting.
  6. Close. A hard drop refers specifically to a fast (i.e. max gravity) locking drop. Classic has a sonic (or firm) drop, which is fast and non-locking. Drop-locking is a sonic drop followed by a locking drop.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the game, and rocking Classic to boot. :)
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