TV Interview: Round 2

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  1. I cant believe this is happening (again)last night a TV station (SBS) contacted me (via facebook) and asked if I would like to be interviewed for an upcoming segment they are doing on Tetris.

    Hey there Jono, my name's Nick [surname removed] and I'm a producer for a news and documentary show on SBS. At the moment we are putting together a short segment on Tetris syndrome and in our research we came across your piece on Good Game. Would you possibly have any time or inclination to talk? If so please give me a shout at [email address removed], or message me back here. Thanks so much

    Obviously, I replied and accepted the invitation (how could I not).

    I am not sure when this will be aired exactly, but my interview is being filmed sometime in the next two weeks.

    I will keep everyone posted as soon as I find out more.

    - Jono

    Interview will be recorded this Friday (March 21) and aired sometime the following week.
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  2. Hahaha, eager to see your new face :biggrin:
  3. This is so good for you !

    Eager to see the reportage ! :p
  4. Cool, I enjoyed the Good Game piece, and can't wait for this one.
  5. No doubt they are going to ask: do you still get "Tetris syndrome"?

    I don't know about you but the better I get at something the less likely I am to get that effect. But I can get it on all sorts of games if I binge on it and I'm not particularly good at it yet. Especially with completely new gameplay concepts. I doesn't even have to be puzzle games, it just so happens that Tetris is something most everyone has binged on at some point.
  6. Thats mostly what they are interested in actually; that and how OCD I am.

    - Jono
  7. That's awesome. You think you'll have the chance to mention the currently active Tetris communities?
  8. Just finished the Tetris interview than. It went really smoothly; got to show off my gaming collection too :) It should be airing on SBS (The Feed) either this Thursday (March 27 )coming or the one after (April 3) - I won't have exact details for another few days. I didn't play at my 'top level' - be we still manged to recorded a number of 'decent' 27 seconds runs (for 40 line mode) and covered the all aspects of my 'Tetris routine' and passion for retro-gaming.

    Sorry, but I wasn't really given the opportunity to comment about the current active communities, but I did give a shutout (and thank you) to everyone on the tetrisconcept and harddrop communities for all their help and support - though I was told there is no guarantee that will be aired (-at least they where honest).

    - Jono
  9. Thanks for the link M. Bison.
    Nice skills on keyboard. ;)
  10. I second that, that was a fun video article =)
  11. Yeah, I really liked the video.

    Also you've got a pretty sweet pad there Jono!
  12. I don't understand everything was said on the reportage but I liked this, you're impressive Jono :p
  13. Thanks guys; really happy to hear everyone enjoyed the video so much ^^ It was a very fun, stress-free interview to do :)

    Its a bit of a shame how much got left out (we filmed for about 3 hours!), but its to be expected I guess - would have been nice if they kept the part where I talk about how Tetris has given me life-saving driving reflexes :p

    - Jono

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