Turning Tetris into a strategy game to learn ARS

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  1. I've been trying to learn 20G using TGM1. I can consistently get to level 400+ or ~200 in 20G mode.

    I think it is hard to get good just by playing the 20G mode. The reason is this: not only is there a new way of playing (20G) being thrust upon me, I also have far less time to react than before. To learn ARS, I think it would be a lot better to play move-by-move games, so I can master the techniques. As in: I can stare at the screen for ~10 secs, decide the correct course of action then input the controls move-by-move.
    Is there a way I can do this (in any version with ARS, not just TGM1)? I know I can turn on infinite rotation, but the problem is it's unwieldy to keep pressing buttons while I'm trying to think. Frame-by-frame works as well but it's also very slow because there are many extra frames to skip through.

    So I am just curious if there is a way to do this. Thanks for your help.
  2. Just use Lockjaw and set the lock delay to infinite, with step reset and ARS rotations. You'll have as much time as you want. You can also set the ARE/entry delay to a high number so that you have more time to do your IRS. After a while, try switching to something higher than you're used to like Death or Death 300 and set an low goal, like reaching 100 or 150. You'll die a lot, but the games will go quickly. Then, when you go back to 20G mode, everything will seem to go much slower then it did before, and you can focus more on strategy again.
  3. As well as backing both the points Ezzelin said, it could also be a reasonably good idea to watch some of the videos on YouTube made by the top players for Death Mode (example. If you can pick up any of finesse that they use, or their general method of stacking, then it could be extremely useful.
  4. Seconded on the video watching. Make sure you are watching actively, though. Try to decide where the next piece should go before they place it, and see if their decision ultimately differs from the move you anticipated. If an unexpected move is made, try to understand why it was chosen over what you had initially selected.
  5. I'd actually not recommend this to beginners for reasons Kitaru mentioned. They won't be able to watch actively because it's too fast. For now if you watch anything watch TGM1, but I imagine even that will be difficult to follow closely until you can play 20G for the most part.
  6. I second Lockjaw + Infinite lock delay.
  7. Lockjaw is how I learned to play ARS in 20G.
  8. Thanks! Infinite lock delay is what I was looking for.
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    as Ezzelin mentioned, be sure to use initial rotation. it's an important part of ARS. there's an option in Lockjaw to turn init rotation on, and you'll want to make sure there's entry delay, and the delay should be long enough for you to init rotate whenever you need to.
  10. - make sure you are relatively (not necessarily completely) comfortable with non-20G placements
    - infinite lock delay in lockjaw helps
    - you may also want to consider thinking about movement finesse. For now this consists mainly of IRS. later you want to take other things into consideration, such as avoiding double-taps.

    - if you're bored like me (or have RSI thus can't play regularly) you can print out 10x100 grids and generate a sheet of random pieces to play 20g tetris on paper [​IMG]
  11. Something I dislike about using the death speedcurve and infinite lock delay in Lockjaw is that it follows the death ARE sequence. It's very hard to IRS in infinite lock delay with death 500 ARE.
  12. I have been playing this way for the past couple days. Is there any wiki article/forum posts dedicated to 20G strategy? I am losing before 999 even with infinite lock delay, so my piece placement reasoning must be flawed.
  13. K



    or INSANE [​IMG]
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    3 synchro-wallkick in a row !?
  15. K


    then you can try this one [​IMG]

  16. I don't think he ever intended these puzzles to be performed in real-time, hahaha.
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    And now you can just HATE ME [​IMG] because i'm not sure you can even correctly solve it with fumen !(TAP rules, 20G)

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    Why not ?
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    I just checked this one, and it's definitely possible. Not too difficult either [​IMG]
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    in Real time ?

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