TTC is at it again.

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Zaphod77, 28 May 2010.

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    maybe i am not seeing something here but why don't any of these people that have their clones taken down or are sent c&ds not be pussies
  3. My understanding is TTC is getting Google to kill the clones. The clone makers aren't necessarily backing down, but I'm not sure how much they could fight back either. So you're sort of doing something like calling people pussies who's Youtube Texmaster videos were taken offline.
  4. Unlike the iPhone, however, authors can simply post their programs on their websites and people can install them from there. This is still ridiculous, but at least people can continue to make and distribute their programs. Now if only someone made a Tetris clone on Android that was worth playing... On my Android phone, I just use the NES clone that tepples made on an NES emulator. :)
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  6. its not tgm. it is however somewhat similar.
  7. It does allow for either tepple's rotation system (that plays like a milder version of SRS in some ways, iirc) or ARS. I believe it also has a lock delay limited firm drop. Gravity -- and once at 20G, lock delay -- follows a simple exponential curve if I'm remembering things right. Also, scoring rewards combos pretty well.

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