Tipps and Critics plz :) (texmaster.sav)

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Tom, 3 Oct 2008.

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    Hi !

    I will try to give you a global advice, I am too lazy to analyse every of your games..
    Keep in mind that you have 3 important notions to maintain in Tetris :

    1 : The speed
    2 : The stacking
    3 : The consistency

    Don't worry about the 3rd, I think it is too early for you to worry about this one, but I noticed a problem of balance between the speed and the stacking for you..
    (In my opinion), your problem is mainly centered on the speed, I found your stacking and strategy good enough, you can stack for Tetrises, and recover your field..But you are too slow..
    You think too much when you play at sub 20G (special or special ti), proof that you don't focus enough on the speed..When the speed of the game increases, you begin to be afraid, you don't use the HOLD anymore and you lose too easily your concentration.
    So my advice for you would be to work on your speed, play in thinking less, but play fast ! From your *.sav file, I can see a lot of special and special ti games, but less of sudden or sudden ti..
    Practice these 2 modes to increase your speed..
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    Thanks for your Comment ,Amnesia. [​IMG]

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