Tile Remover - Remove tiles by a falling tile.

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  1. Tile Remover is the mix of classic bubble shooter and falling down block puzzle. Try to remove all tiles from the playground. Colored tiles are falling down one by one in a round and you must place them how the same colors shall be alongside. If you make a group of tiles [by at least 3 tiles] from same color then them will be removed. When you skip more than 1 or 2 round without making a group then a new line with tiles will appear of the bottom side of playground.
    Have fun!


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    At least on the browser one the game seems impossible to lose.

    My main strategy iis to make the highest match possible, and when that can't be done, try to connect with the highest accessible one of that color by stacking vertically on top if possible
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    Pro tips :
    - No DAS
    - No increasing gravity
    - No chain Combo
    - No scoring Combo
    - No Sound
    - No challenge
    - No addictivity

    My best game so far is 299 (paused) . Any one daring to beat me?
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    i'm pretty sure i got long past that but i just got bored and closed it. didn't think recording the score was worthwhile.

    i think the concept has potential but definitely needs some tweaking.
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