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  2. I noticed some bugs:

    - you wrote "preview" instead of "previous" ^^

    - it crashes when I try to manually select a media layer and no layer is created ("erreur de script") (ouais, c'est dbile de faire a, et alors ? [​IMG])

    - export to gif fails when there is two consecutives layers with the same content

    - the final animated gif is quite err.... image speaks more than words:

    (converted with Xnview, 256 colors)

    And now some suggestions (in french, because I'm in a hurry ^-^):

    - pourquoi est-ce que tu n'utilises pas un convertisseur d'image qui peut marcher en mode batch/ligne de commande ? a permettrait d'viter les erreurs de conversion (et de rendre la chose plus transparante pour l'utilisateur !)

    - quand est-ce qu'on pourra importer ses propres images ? (pour les tetraminos et autres (genre uen grosse flche pour montrer une astuce deulamorkitu))
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    Hi petit prince....

    corrected version :

    i've set the 2 crashing bug you reported...

    but the showed animated gif you produced is weird ! can you post the "save file" of your animation please ?

    but more basically is that the output frame contains the WHITE squares as show on your animation ?

    because we clearly see that problem came from Alpha support...

    does you convert program support "Alpha" ???

    i'm looking for personnal media import but i've got some weird issues...

    the system used is macromedia director... and there is a lot of system limitation...
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  5. how do i use SRS L/J/T for the first active piece? i can use it for the next ones, but not the first.
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    use the blue button "Active Piece" = Field / Next

    you can't define SRS orientation... just rotate the piece twice... [​IMG]
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    your main page animation have frame time delay "problem"... if you want them to be "adjusted" or "corrected" by other, you should post the saved files here...

  8. saved file? na. i didn't save anything, just the output.
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    I downloaded the zip files and tried to figure the program out, but was unable to understand how it is supposed to work. I'm wondering, is there a short tutorial on how you are supposed to you use the_tool. Or, perhaps it's simple enough for one of you guys to just post a few directions?
  10. as simple as possible, it's a movie. you must draw every frame individually, and you'll do this mainly in "sequence." once you've made the sequence, then you do output. just play around with it a little.

    jago, which batch png/gif converter do you use?
  11. Make sure you read the readme and the "shortcut help" section first, too... and it may help if you tell us exactly what the problem you're having is. [​IMG]

    (also, bug report... the program accepts keystrokes even when it's out of focus, so while typing this the grid turns on and off and such)
  12. switch to the file tab when typing somewhere else.

    bug: vertical i, when all the way left and moving upwards, system crashes (possibly other scenerios do as well).
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    I've basically got it almost all figured out now. My only problem is actually viewing the final gif. When I try to view it, it turns out to be a still picture. When I view the other gifs (that came in the zip), they function correctly. I know a simple answer would be that I might have accidentally only drawn one gif, but that isn't true. I have like 73 original gifs that it combined into the one! The memory size is considerably is also larger than the others (my 32 kb compared to 7k). I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or if the gif is too big, or something else.
  14. make sure you follow the instructions strictly--

    firstly, delete everything in your output folders

    click the draw frames button

    click play and check your work

    click stop

    click the export button which makes the png files

    use an external program and convert all the png files to gif files, and make sure they're all in the same folder (output_frame)

    once they're all converted, click the last button which makes the gif. the cmd prompt will open, and then press a button, and wala-- check your output_gif folder.

    edit: btw, if you like, i can host that touch vid for you. contact me if so.
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    the "guest" above was me.

    Thanks for the help. I didn't get my original one to work, but I've made a new one and it works just fine. I've got a few questions about functionality:

    The control display. Is it posible to design your own? The one that comes with the_tool switches the a and b button around (according to tetris ds). Also for the pieces that you see in advance and the hold piece. Do you have to do each one by hand, or is there a way to just click a tetromino to be put there?

    ^This is my first succes on the_tool!!!

    By the way, What's that red square?
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    hello guys,

    happy to see people using it ! :p

    for convertion i use photoshop automatic script...

    sometime small displayed bug can appear as your red square...

    i can be a result of the batch conversion png-->gif !

    why ? because you should not reduce the frames .gif file size quality and COLOR number before the merge action by the_tool...

    just do a standard batch conversion, and then optimize the output animated gif (i use gif movie gear).

    for example guest, just take attention "where" appear this red square ?, if it is when the merge occur, then your problem certainly came from what i've explained.

    sorry because there is not tutorial, but i will include some "ready to use" save file example.

    about the button shape, yeah i think that i will implement the possibilitie for end user to directly put his custom shape...
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    Thanx for making the_tool. (the earliest two guests were also me! [​IMG]) If It's alright with you, jagorochi, I'd like to use the_tool (awesome by the way) to ilustrate some advance techniques of tetris ds. I'm hoping to write an indepth guide on the entire game.
  18. That's precisely the reason he released it, so by all means go ahead.
  19. Sorry to bump a three year old topic. But I lost the program and would like to use it.
    Maybe for my website, or maybe just add to my collection of tetromino-related stuff.

    If someone has it, then would you upload it for me please?
    (unless there's a reason why it's not available anymore?)

    I could use fumen, but I liked this better.
    Besides, I don't quite understand how fumen works and I can't read what it says or what the boxes are supposed to do.
  20. Ai


    Here's the English version of fumen:

    But I'm also interested in The_TOOL.

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