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  1. Muf


    Well, they did cut his 6 paragraphs of explanation to only one, so that's a likely explanation of that. Also, Ti is arguably the least fun out of all three games (I would argue TGM1 is too slow/boring/easy, and Ti is too hard/complex. TAP strikes a good balance imho).
  2. I just checked -- I wrote over three pages of content across the span of two e-mails, haha. I can't help myself sometimes. :oops:

    I agree TAP is probably the most balanced package, but I disagree TGM1 is boring. ;v
  3. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    I find TI the most fun, mainly because the I piece is easier to handle. Survival is significantly easier in TI master mode compared to TAP, and i nearly always make it to the second music change. Not too long after then it simply gets too fast for me to keep up, but i suspect that's due partially to display and or input lag beyond what would happen on real hardware on the clones.
  4. tgm1 isn't boring, it's just the most difficult of the three games ^^
  5. Muf


    Ah, that must be why it has the most Gm-class players out of all three games :p
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I would say that TGM2 is the hardest one actually.
  7. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I would agree with cyberguile. Unless all you care about is getting the "best" grade (note that "best" is quite a subjective term, especially for Ti), then the TGM series has never been about sitting back and doing the bare minimum. Time attacking TGM1 is far harder than time attacking TGM2 or 3, and this is something that the western tetris community really hasn't begun to understand yet. Just look at these figures:

     TGM3: Ti
    Fastest Western Player:   5:08:66
    Fastest Japanese Player:  4:41:95 
    Difference:                 26:71
     TGM2: TAP
    Fastest Western Player:   7:45:60
    Fastest Japanese Player:  7:12:56 
    Difference:                 33:04
    Fastest Western Player:   9:39:46
    Fastest Japanese Player:  8:48:60 
    Difference:                 50:86
    Why don't we have more sub-10 TGM1 players? The reason is because it's hard.
  8. the randomizer is more cruel and the game mechanics gives you less possibilities do deal with the tetrominos = more difficult game ^^
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Edo, mentionning the number of sec we have between the 2 fastest time is pointless, you have to calculate a ratio.

    TGM3 offers a great consistency and once you are fast and confortable enough with the HOLD, you just cant die in both shirase and master. You are MM once you master a bit this shit of m roll.

    TGM1 has been pushed to the perfection by a small number of japan player but getting GM is doable by everybody in the world.
    DEATH GM is quite hard, and Master GM is impossible for many people
  10. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I think comparing the fastest players is fair; they're not outliers, but representative. Perhaps taking the average of the fastest 5 players would be more representative, but if you were to start taking the average of say, 20 players or more, you would start to include people that don't really play the game seriously (read: obsessively), and the comparison wouldn't be reasonable.

    And I'm not really saying that getting GM in TGM1 isn't easy (relatively speaking), more that doing an awesome time attack in TGM1 is a lot harder than in TAP. If you make an error or two in TAP, you can correct it or play around it and it won't cost you much time; but do the same thing in TGM1, and unless you're really focused, you're going to end up stuffing your chance of getting even remotely close to your record.
  11. Fastest western player is 9.5% slower for TGM1 than the fastest Japanese player. For TGM2 it's 7.6% and for TGM3 it's 9.2%

    That'd suggest to me that we're not relatively much further away in TGM1 than we are in the other games, especially considering how much extra time the Japanese had over us for TGM1 compared to TAP (less so Ti because most of us had to make do with clones).

    Though frankly I don't care much about difficulty - I find TGM1 time attack incredibly frustrating and boring and fundamentally just not a fun way to spend time. That's enough for me to not bother with it.

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