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  1. I made a short video discussing something that had been bothering me and its relation to my feelings about this community.

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  2. Very true words were spoken.

    That dislike is probably just a random person stumbling upon your video, not understanding a thing, clicking dislike because reasons and leaving. Nothing to be upset about or spend too much time worrying about. That's just how the internet work unfortunately.

    Regarding cheating: I can't say much about NEStris, but there has been a (I'd say quite well known) case in the TGM community. I don't know too many details because I wasn't around when it happened, but someone called QM claimed to have beaten Phantom Mania in a ridiculously fast time. Which is highly suspicious because Phantom Mania is basically TGM2 Death except pieces become invisible when locked (just like the credit roll). He had "video proof", which was recorded at a really questionable angle, and when doubts were raised his defense was "stop being mean to me" instead of trying to actively putting together trustworthy proofs. Maybe someone can elaborate on that.
    I don't know why someone would cheat in a purely skill based game only to brag about it, but there are many people who do (I see quite a few people getting banned in osu!, also a 100% skill game).
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  3. the problem with QM was that he explained his method in some stupidly longwinded post that no one could make real sense of
    after that he kept changing what his method actually was (it's like RAM! it's a memory palace! loci!!!!) because people kept telling him that the methods he claimed to use were not viable for tetris play or just that his post made no sense at all, and eventually essentially said something along the lines of "this community is mean im going back to where people appreciate my acheivements more" and left.
    furthermore, multiple people offered to go out of their way to go to his place and verify his scores, but every time someone did he said no and posted a new video that didn't really prove or disprove his case which didn't help him very much rofl
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  4. Muf


    Yeah I'm 99.9% sure that dislike is from a random YouTuber and not someone from here. We have some odd characters here and there and some WWF-style rivalries but when it comes down to it everybody's cool with each other, I can say that from having attended and hosted meetings for almost 10 years now.

    As for cheating, we use the honour system, and when one or more members suspect another member of cheating that suspicion is generally very well grounded. As a player you know what's possible and what isn't, and when things go outside that realm of possibilities it's either cheating or a completely novel technique that would benefit the community as a whole if it can be replicated and mastered. Like Oliver said, we are open to learn and verify fantastical scores like QM's Phantom scores, but the person in question does need to be willing to cooperate and accept that outlandish scores are sometimes subject to scrutiny, for the greater good of the community. Deflecting and acting vague just makes you more suspicious, and getting butthurt over it will just act as a self-fulfilling prophecy. QM went back to his hugbox on Hard Drop where people welcomed him without doubting his scores, but if I were in his position that would feel pretty hollow to me.
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  5. For the main points in the video:
    • If someone outside of the Tetris community has disliked your video, it could be for a ton of reasons. Whether it be because Youtube showed them something they aren't interested in or they actively go out of their way to dump on people doesn't matter. At the end of the day if you like what you did then keep doing it. Because the good certainly outweighs the bad.
    • If some inside of the Tetris community disliked the video, again, same deal. Keep doing what you enjoy and don't let other people make you feel bad for it.
    • Overall, you will have to deal with nasty people on Youtube at some point. Anyone who's ever gotten a shimmer of 'fame' on any platform will tell you that.
    • In every competitive environment, there will be cheaters. Usually not when the community is small yet when they get big enough for people to earn any form of notoriety from competing, there will be those who aren't willing to put in the same amount of effort to gain said rewards. While I have spotted some suspicious and some confirmed cheaters within the Tetris community, I can be glad to say none of them tend to frequent this forum. Though that's a topic for another time.
    Keep at it Raul. Don't let the haters get you down and I hope to see you break that big ol' 700 ;)
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  6. Thanks for the support and kind words everyone. I totally understood that by putting more than just game pics out there that I would inevitably face some nonsense. I just didn't expect it on a PB video. Wether it was from within or from outside, as others have said, is mostly irrelevant. The video was a one time verbal recognition of that silliness and my feelings about the Community. I understand that I'm not a maxout player yet and that I still have lots of work to put in. Its just about wanting to share the ups and downs a bit more thoroughly within the community.
  7. I've had someone dislike my world record score for the 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge. I shrug it off, because 1. I don't care if they don't like it, and 2. Let's see them match or do better.

    I wouldn't stress over it bro.
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