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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ai, 30 May 2008.

  1. Hi! I just joined, obviously.

    I have played Tetris (Nintendo school) since I was little, my mom got me into it when i was 3 or 4 (just graduated college, so there better part of my life I've dabbled). I got hooked by Tetris DS and a similar version for Wii, but saw the recent GDQ performances by TGM crew and have decided to make the switch to TGM games.

    Outside of Tetris I'm a huge Magic the Gathering fan, and I casually play pokemon and smash bros. KevinDDR mentioned this place in his commentary at The Masters 99th, and I finally got around to showing up.

    I am so bad at TGM. I'm having a lot of trouble getting used to the rotation differences, but i think some amount of that is to just playing with keyboard right now rather than an Arcade pad/homemade arcade setup i have in the works because i need a job to buy myself a real arcade pad.
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  2. ...yes.


    Which one?!

    Don't sweat it too much, we all start somewhere.
  3. Magic is great. Eevee's are my favorite. all of them. I focus on whatever is newest, so Smash 4, but I can also play Brawl, and I dabble in Project M. my singles game in melee is garbage, but I have a strong doubles game with one friend in particular.

    Are there any tricks to getting better with handling the rotation system in TGM? I think right now (until I have the arcade pad and stop making really dumb misdrops due to my keyboard) thats my biggest weakness.
  4. Muf


    Keep one rotation button pressed down as a habit, and press down both if you actively don't want to rotate a piece (the two rotations cancel each other out). That way you IRS (initial rotate) each piece by default which leaves you more mobile (pieces less likely to get stuck) when the game gets fast.
  5. hmm. didnt know about this. going to help a lot i suspect. thanks!

    I think the other thing is just breaking habit of wild t/j/s spin overhang fills that i always did on the nintendo tetris games, i need to calm it down for TGM. just gotta grind for it
  6. 1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^
    My housemate plays a lot and another friend of mine recently got onto a super nintendo kick. We've been playing Mixed Match on the Super Nintendo. I hate myself so I've started playing TGM. I've been playing casually for years but picking up daily play over the last week.

    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?
    SNES Tetris / Dr Mario, The New Tetris, TGM/Texmaster

    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?
    Pinball, Bemani

    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?
    Mr. Driller

    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?
    Google / Housemate.


    *edit: Friend is on a super nintendo, not super mario, kick.
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  7. karyuu, you would've been a welcome sight over at SNESOT. I, too, like to play Mixed Match, though there are other 1v1 solutions out there.

    Also, hello and welcome. You'll fit around here like hand in glove.
  8. Hi everyone! I just joined.

    I've been playing Tetris on NES and GB for years.
    And just when I thought I was getting pretty good at it, I decided to try out TGM.
    That was a bad idea. Now I'm hooked on it and play it every day.
    I tried all the three TGM games but I'm currently training on the first one. Can't pass level 300.

    I hope I can get some mad protips from the masters in order to get better at TGM and start hating my life even more! :)

    (I have a bloody cheap arcade stick, a mechanical keyboard and a couple NES controllers. I still haven't decided what to play with.)
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  9. kai


    you'll improve in no time! just practice a lot and watch good players on youtube! welcome! ^^
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  10. Thanks!
    I'll practice more as soon as I get a sanwa stick.
    I always watch good players on youtube, but when watching KevinDDR or similar I usually watch at 0.75x speed or else I can't understand the stacking logic :D
  11. I feel like at some point I changed from "what the hell is happening, I can't keep up" to being able to glance away, look back and be able comprehend what happened, although I mainly do this when trying to explain to others what is happening and why they are doing something in particular. Commentating TGM is hard.
  12. It's probably an acquired skill, like reading incoming notes in a rhythm game. I'm sure I just need to throw away some months of my life practicing :awe:
  13. I'm sure I just need to throw away some years of my life practicing :awe:

    Fixed :D
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  14. Definitely an acquired skill.
    As for your control method, definitely get used to playing with a joystick right away! That's how people play TGM, and whenever you're gonna run into TGM in the future, that's sure to be the setup. Stuff like the sonic drop and certain delays definitely feel designed with the joystick in mind, so just stick to it. It doesn't matter that it's not a great joystick. You'll have to invest in one eventually (maybe just buy better parts and replace them in the one you already have, it's usually fairly easy), but for starting out, you're definitely better off with a crap joystick than with an NES controller, even if changing your input method will mean reacquiring some habits at first.
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  15. Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I just bought a stick and I'll probably mod it in the future :)
  16. Well, after finding this introduction thread (yes, I did not see it at first), here's some stuff about me:

    My first contact with the TGM series was at SGDQ2016 (I have watched those runs countless times). Two months later I decided to give it a shot, assuming this would keep me busy for some days. After one and a half month of daily play I realised I was probably wrong.
    I currently play all three TGM games, but mostly TAP because my laptop can't keep up 60FPS in TGM when operating in battery mode (for whatever reason). I use MAME with a keyboard, because I do play a lot at school when I have a free hour and carrying a heavy stick is not too convenient (also, it would look a bit strange when I used a stick during boring lessons :p).
    Other games I currently enjoy are LoL, CS GO, Mirror's Edge and Osu!.

    And lastly, while googling for some info about TGM, I happened to stumble across this website called, which then led me here.
  17. So, I figured I might as well jump in -
    1. Why did you start playing Tetris? Can you also please specify how long you have been playing and if you consider yourself a great player? ^^
    Okay, so I've been playing casually for a while but was inspired by KevinDDR's promotional exam into GM to see if I could. It took until ProtoMagicalGirl streamed it that I learned of this site and Texmaster - Also, been playing TGM since late July this year
    2. What Tetris games do you play and how much do you play?
    The casual mobile games and TGM/Texmaster
    3. What other games besides Tetris (if any ^^) keep you busy?
    The Turing Test, Jackbox stuff
    4. Any other block/puzzle games you enjoy?
    Not many out there that can keep my attention.
    5. How did you find out about tetrisconcept?
    See part two of question 1
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  18. Greetings!

    1. I've been playing Tetris in small bursts for about 5 years. It wasn't until about 10 months ago when I decided to have a decent crack at it and so far I'd call myself reasonably competent.

    2. The first few years of playing were mostly spent playing the occasional game of 6P battle on Tetris Friends, then like a lot of new TGM players I saw the first exhibition at AGDQ 2015 and it completely blew me away. Eventually after having watched the archived runs over and over again I got the idea in my head that "this looks hard, but surely it can't be that hard right?" and I've been hooked ever since. I now spend somewhere between 1-3 hours a day playing TGM1 in an attempt to prove to myself that becoming a Grand Master is indeed an attainable goal.

    3. As far as games in general go I'm reasonably diverse and will play just about anything, but I specifically play a lot of roguelikes (Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Spelunky, Risk of Rain), FPS (Call of Duty, Battlefield, TF2) and the occasional nostalgia trip with a playthrough of an old game from my childhood.

    4. Being a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog it was inevitable that I would run into puyo puyo in the form of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine at some point, which I thoroughly enjoy despite being absolutely terrible at it. I also try and keep track of indie developed puzzle games which in recent years has included Antichamber, The Witness and a charming little game called Snakebird (which is where my avatar comes from).

    5. After discovering TGM via the GDQ runs it was only a matter of time before either KevinDDR or Qlex brought up this website during one of their streams. I've only signed up now as I was waiting until I had a time/score in TGM1 that i though was worth posting, which in retrospect is kinda silly but unfortunately my ego is far too big for my own good.

    And that pretty much me in a nutshell. Hopefully there are many more tetrominoes in my future.
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  19. @iKantu It says you're from Tassie, is it true, another Aussie?!?
  20. Indeed it is. I'd assumed that the number of Australians who post here would be few in number but from the looks of your reaction there must be less then I thought.

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